Thursday, March 10, 2011

National Flea Market Association Conference

I was so excited to be going to my first NFMA conference! After stocking the cupboards and writing detailed directions for my wonderful nephew who would be staying with the younger Wolff's, eight of us were off to Vegas, baby, for the 13th Annual National Flea Market Association (NFMA) Conference.

100 flea markets nationwide belong to the NFMA. It was wonderful to be able to meet with many interesting people and share information and ideas about our markets.

Official mission statement of the NFMA: "The National Flea Market Association exists to serve the public interest and to benefit the flea market industry by fostering high standards of business conduct which merits public trust." Source:

Speakers from the industry shared pertinent information with us. We heard from Ron Cates of Constant Contact  (our email serviceand he called me his "hero" because we have over 2000 people on our email list, which is more than the other flea market in attendance! It was nice to hear that we are utilizing today's technology and reaching so many people! And there is even more to expand upon as we move forward! We will be working on utilizing"smartphone technology" and connecting all of our social media sites: website, facebook group, facebook page, blog, twitter, youTube, email. Hope you can keep up with us!

Greg Dove shared flea market survey statistics with us. You may already know this, but now it is official! Flea markets are economically important. They provide family income, create jobs and offer a venue for small business entrepreneurs. For further reading,  please go to an extensive survey conducted by University of Chicago professor, John A. List.

Yes, there was glitz and glamour, laughter and bonding, a lot of walking, too much eating and an unspecified amount of gambling. (Not me, I saved my money for new shoes and sat at the machines learning how to use the iPhone for future flea market applications!). Some of us came home with winnings, some with new shoes, but we all came home with very valuable knowledge to help us make                                                                                                       Wolff's Flea Market even better!

Of course, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to record Wolff's Flea Market Jingle in Las Vegas!

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