Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wolff's On Channel 7 Morning News

Finding bargains at Wolff's Flea Markets

On Sunday April 24, David was interviewed by Stacey Baca and Ben Bradley at the flea market at the Allstate Arena. Thanks ABC for the great story!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011




(Rosemont & Palatine are also open on Easter, April 24)

1775 N. Rand Rd.

Palatine, IL 60074


Kids under 12 admitted FREE!


Chance to win one of 4 EASTER BASKETS filled with flea market goodies & $10 in Wolff's Howlers   

8:00-4:00pm-Sandart & Candle Crafts (fee charged)

 Kid friendly vendor booths, basket sales
Personalized books: Story Time Starring "YOU!"
10:00-3:00-Noel Rivera, "The Human Jukebox"
10:30-Marshall Brodien Jr. Magician. Buy his Mystic Flyers Card Trick
11:00-11:30-Easter egg hunt & 10 kids win $5 Wolff’s Howlers 
11:30-3:00-Carnival Games & prizes for all ages
12:00-1:30-Blake Everett: Magic Show & Balloon Animals
More about Blake Everett here
1:30-Music by "The Rocky Mountain String Band"

Raffle for 4 Easter Baskets that contain $10 in Wolff's Howlers.
Carnival games continue until 3pm

*Bring your camera and take pictures with the (Easter) Wolf throughout the day

Friday, April 15, 2011



1775 N. Rand Rd., (just north of Dundee Rd.)
Palatine, IL 60074

$1 adults, 50 cents seniors & children 6-12. Under 6 are free. 
Palatine open every Saturday & Sunday year-round: 8am-4pm

Allstate Arena (Mannheim & Touhy)
6920 N Mannheim Rd.
Rosemont, IL 60018

$2 adults, $1 seniors & children 6-12. Under 6 are free

Rosemont open most Sundays April through October. 
Please subscribe to emails & follow us on facebook and for current schedule

Call or text: 847-524-9590

Sorry no pets allowed. Service animals only. Please leave your pets at home and not in your cars as temperatures quickly reach dangerous levels.

Monday, April 4, 2011


April (Both Markets)
Decorating With Flea Market Finds
Send us photos of how you have decorated with your flea market finds! You may win Wolff's Shopping Howlers & the hard to find Flea Market Style 2011 magazine. One winner chosen each month through August 2011.  email jpeg photos to:

APRIL 16  (Palatine) (A great success!)
4th Annual event. Visit Top 5 Records in E3 for specials, deals and giveaways. Up for sale: Autographed guitar by Leonard Cohen. Many other vendors are also selling vintage, rare and collectible records. More information here:

APRIL 17 (Rosemont)(Windy!)
Opening Day at the Allstate Arena!
APRIL 1-30 (Both Markets)
Decorating With Flea Market Finds Photo Contest

What have you done with your flea market finds? We want to see your rooms, displays, collections, even individual pieces of repurposed furniture.
April winner will receive a copy of "Flea Market Style 2011" magazine.
Email photos to

APRIL 23 (Palatine)(400 kids, lots of fun!)
Kids Appreciation Day & Easter Egg Hunt
Kids under 12 admitted FREE!
Enter for a chance to win one of 4 EASTER BASKETS filled with flea market goodies & $10 in Wolff's Howlers. ENTRY FORMS AVAILABLE AT THE FRONT DESK IN PALATINE
8:00-4:00pm  Sandart & Candle Crafts
Kid friendly vendor booths, basket sales
Personalized books: Story Time Starring "YOU!"
10:30-Marshall Brodien Jr. Magician Buy his Mystic Flyers Card Trick
11:00-11:30-Easter egg hunt & 10 kids win $5 Wolff’s Howlers 
11:30-3:00-Carnival Games & prizes for all ages
12:00-1:30-Blake Everett: Magic Show & Balloon Animals**
1:30-Music by "The Rocky Mountain String Band"
Raffle for 4 Easter Baskets that contain $10 in Wolff's Howlers.
Carnival games continue until 3pm
*Bring your camera and take pictures with the (Easter) Wolf throughout the day
**Blake Everett Robinson is a 17-year-old high-school student from Arlington Heights, Illinois. Ask anyone who knows Blake to describe him, and they will undoubtedly say, “fun!” Blake’s love for humor and magic began almost before he could walk and talk. To this day, nothing makes Blake happier than making others laugh and enjoy themselves. Through his magic, balloon animal art, and warm and enthusiastic stage presence, Blake brings easy smiles and laughter to his audience. Blake is comfortable performing for groups of all ages and abilities. He has performed at nursing homes and schools, block parties and birthday celebrations, and has a special gift for performing to those with mental and physical disabilities. Blake is an involved student at John Hersey High School, participating in football, track & field, the Service Over Self program, and even ping pong club. He is an experienced drummer and plays in a neighborhood garage band. Let it be said that wherever he goes, Blake looks for the fun…and usually finds it!  So if you’re looking for a big-hearted, energetic, talented and FUN performer for your next event, call or e-mail Blake Everett at:  (224) 425 – 8371

May 21-22 (Palatine)
Sports Memorabilia Show & Autograph Signing 8am-4pm

May 21:
Emery Moorehead signing 12pm-2pm
Price per autograph $15
Mike Richardson signing 1pm-3pm
Price per autograph $25

Hank "Baby" Presswood
Johnny "Lefty" Washington
Louis "The Grey Cat" Clarizio
$5 Group photos
Autographed items $5-$25

May 22:
Shaun Gayle signing 1pm-3pm
Price per autograph $25
Presale tickets available. For more information on tickets or table space, call Tony at 847-962-2062 or visit him at Wolff's flea Market, Booth O-4. 

June 11 (Palatine)
Back to Earth Green Garden & Electronics Recycling Event
9am-2pm Community electronics recycling. Truck will be available to collect your unwanted electronics
8am-12pm Kinsch's Village Florist Palatine will be selling Earthboxes for your patio container garden
9am-2pm WORMPLICITY! Worm composting  by Stephanie Kichler 
8am-4pm Plant sale, garden experts, earth friendly products
Special booths by Palatine-Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights Freecycle organization

June 12 (Rosemont)
Customer Appreciation Day-FREE ADMISSION!
We move from the Allstate Arena to the Rosemont Theatre parking lot at 5400 N. River Rd. for today only. Directions & info here:

June 19  (Rosemont)
Blood Drive

Everything you need to know about Wolff's, Part 2: SHOPPER TIPS

MAILING LIST - Keep informed of the latest news, get updates and even coupons. If you follow us on facebook and twitter, you will get timely updates, especially on days when the weather is questionable. Follow the links at the top of this blog page.
Arrive Early - By arriving early you can take advantage of the first offerings and larger selections available at garage sale, antiques / collectibles and new merchandise booths. Also, you will have more time to browse and compare prices and merchandise.
Wear the Right Clothes (Watch the Weather) - Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are a must when shopping the seemingly endless rows of bargains at Wolff's. You should also consider wearing a hat as protection from the sun and apply sunscreen. Light clothing on warm days and sweatshirts or windbreakers on cool days will also make your shopping experience more pleasant.
Bring Cash - Although some vendors who sell new merchandise may accept checks and credit cards, most sellers are "cash and carry". Small bills will be helpful paying for items as well as haggling. An ATM is available inside the Allstate Arena building and in Palatine.
Be Aware of Retail Prices - It will help you to recognize bargains at the flea market if you know your desired items cost in retail stores. Check ads or even phone stores before you come to Wolff's.
Have a Good Idea of What You Want But Be Open to Surprises - If you have limited time, know just what you are looking for. Chances are you'll find it! Even though you have something specific in mind, if you are alert, you may be surprised by an unexpected find!
Look at everything! - Vendors often carry many different types of items at their booths. Look above and below tables. Look in boxes and behind booths. Try not to skip a booth because you notice a couple of types of items that you may not be interested in. This especially applies to our indoor market, where spaces are smaller and merchandise may be covered or hidden. It's called "treasure hunting" at its best!
Rummage - When shopping for garage sale items or even new merchandise, make sure you look behind and under what is displayed. You may find hidden treasures!
Plan Ahead if Buying a Large Item - Think about how you're going to get larger items home. Most Wolff's sellers don't deliver, although some may have a warehouse where you can pick your purchase up at a later time. Bring a tape measure to help you figure out if your purchase fits into your vehicle or the space where you plan to place it in your home.
When to Haggle and When to Not - Most garage sale vendors will probably come down a little in their price. Sellers of new merchandise may stick with the posted price. When in doubt, ask anyway-there's no harm done. Vendors are people too; please don’t be rude, as politeness will help you negotiate. Sometimes buying in volume allows for a discounted price.
Check Electrical Items Before Leaving - Electrical outlets are located near the Food Area at the SW corner of the Arena. You can test your electrical item(s) to see if they are in proper working order.
Refunds - When buying new merchandise, make sure the vendor will give you a replacement or a refund if it's defective. If you have trouble returning or exchanging an item contact a Wolff’s Supervisor. Most garage sale, antique, and collectible merchandise is usually sold "as is".
Finding Your Way Around - Make sure to walk the entire Market. You will find new merchandise, garage sale items, antiques and collectibles down each and every aisle. And remember, if you walk by every booth (both sides of the aisle), you have walked over three miles on some days! In Palatine, go up and down each aisle, and check out the upstairs vendors, too.
If You Love It - Buy it before it’s gone! But remember, most purchases are final. Be a “Nice Shopper” If someone is looking at something you are interested in, please wait off to the side until it is put down. Then go and look at it.
Pets - Sorry, due to local regulations, pets are not allowed at either of our markets. Certified service animals are welcome.
     Other - Food and Beverages are available at the Southwest corner of the Arena. Restrooms are located inside the Arena.

Everything you need to know about Wolff's Part 1: VENDOR TIPS & RULES


PLEASE READ ALL RULES FOR UPDATES -Information current as of 4/5/2011

ARRIVE EARLY - and bring a friend to help with early bird customers, bathroom, and shopping breaks. Early shoppers may have a tendency to try and look through your unpacked boxes. If this is not what you want – please simply ask them to move to the front of your tables.
BRING CHANGE - in a money box or apron ($10 in quarters, singles and five dollar bills for change). Watch your box or apron. You may lose a sale if you don’t have change. Keep it locked in your car, but don’t lock your keys in the car! Remember, if you listen to your car radio all day, you’re likely to have a dead battery at the end of the day.
UMBRELLAS AND CANOPIES - Our location has a tendency to be windy. It is REQUIRED that you have minimum 40 pounds to weigh down each corner of your canopy or umbrella. If you do not bring weights, we may ask you to remove your canopy. We have a limited number of cinder blocks for sale. Please ask an employee about purchasing blocks on the day of the market, but we cannot guarantee that they will be available. Securing or tying to a table leg or merchandise does not count for weight. You may tie the rear legs to your vehicle, but still need to weigh down the front legs.
ON A HOT DAY - Please bring plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc.
BAGS - Have grocery bags and newspapers for wrapping fragile items. Boxes can be helpful for larger or multiple purchases.
PRICING YOUR ITEMS - Bring price stickers, paper (for signs), markers, pens and tape. Keep in mind that your customers may want to haggle. This is a normal and fun aspect of Flea Marketing. Please do not get upset if you are offered a lower price, as again, this is customary at times. You have the choice to accept, decline, or counter-offer. Price items individually, by the box (e.g. $1 box), or not at all. It is up to you how you want to price your merchandise and customer opinion varies as to what they prefer.
RETURNS - You may want to consider posting a return policy, especially if you sell anything other than garage sale, antiques or collectible items. Our sellers are strongly encouraged to stand behind their products and representations.
COURTESY- Our vendors are encouraged to be courteous to shoppers. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Do not be rude or talk down to them. You may be asked to leave the market if customer relation issues occur.
LEAVING EARLY - Some vendors decide to leave early. We discourage this for several reasons. We don’t like vehicles driving through crowded aisles and customer flow is steady from when we open to when we close. You’ll be missing lots of sales!
TRASH - Please bring a sturdy trash bag(s). While we have clean up staff, their job is made easier if you are able to secure all of your garbage (boxes, paper, etc.) and keep it in your trash bag. Bags can be thrown away with a small amount of broken down boxes at the southwest corner of the Arena. You are not allowed to leave unsold merchandise. We continually walk the market watching for those breaking this rule. You will be fined (see vendor permit) and will not be allowed to sell with us in the future if this occurs.
SECURITY - We have many employees patrolling our market. Most are wearing red or green shirts. Some aren’t by design to watch over the market without being seen. We have several police officers patrolling as well. Please seek out any of these individuals with any problems you may have. Secure and watch your valuables. Keep your eyes on your booth. Unfortunately, there are shoplifters here just as at any store. Some sellers ask a neighboring vendor to watch their table if they find it necessary to leave their booth.
MERCHANDISE RESTRICTIONS - Please call 847-524-9590 for the latest updates on restricted items based on local regulations in Palatine and Rosemont. Below is the most current list of restricted merchandise. Wolff's Flea Market strictly regulates the type of merchandise being sold and follows local and federal laws and regulations to maintain a safe, family friendly environment. Please read the vendor rules on your permit AND the detailed list below to familiarize yourselves with items that are banned from our market. Staff and management reserve the right to deem additional merchandise as inappropriate and disallow it as well. Vendors will be asked to remove restricted items immediately. Your information may be recorded and a warning slip issued. If repeat offenses occur, vendor may not be allowed to sell with us in the future.
 Patrollers regularly check for banned merchandise. Vendors not adhering to these rules or those who do not follow directions from staff to immediately and permanently remove banned merchandise from their spaces run the risk of not being allowed to sell at our market. Do not argue with staff. We appreciate your cooperation and self-monitoring of your own personal merchandise.
 BANNED ITEMS - Alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, weapons and parts of weapons (guns, swords (new or collectible), arrows, knives, air guns, pellet guns, paint guns, crossbows, etc.), animals, ads for selling animals, drug paraphernalia, pepper spray, stun guns, used mattresses, used toilet seats, X rated, pornographic material including but not limited to magazines and movies, items requiring prescriptions or controlled substances (e.g. pseudophedrine), contact lenses (prescription AND/OR cosmetic), illegal items, tires older than 6 years.
 COUNTERFEIT - New or used trademark, copyright & logo violating merchandise: Including but not limited to DVD’s, CD’s, Purses, Make-up, Shoes, Clothing, Perfume, Sunglasses, Jewelry, etc. Don't bring it!
SERVICES and BROCHURES - No sale of catalog items or services that involve the exchange of money or collection of credit card information without the exchange of actual goods unless you have received pre-approval from Wolff's. No distribution of advertising or informational flyers on vehicles or in the aisles. No distribution of flyers by individuals who are not paid vendors of Wolff's. Distribution and sales must be contained within your paid selling space. No parking lot sales. Raffles and tarot card readings are not allowed.
FOOD -Due to contractual agreement and local health regulations, the sale of any food or concessions for consumption at the market, including, but not limited to beverages, hot food, home-baked goods, sandwiches is prohibited. Please call 847-524-9590 for information, pre-approval and rules regarding the selling other types of food, as well as local food permit requirements.
BABY- Due to safety and recalls, we do not allow the sale of NEW or USED infant/child car & booster seats, cribs, portable cribs, sleep positioning devices, bassinets, playpens, folding playpens, strollers, highchairs, baby seats, baby formula, etc.
SELLING AREA - Please clean your selling space and remove and take with you ALL unsold merchandise and large trash. Dumpsters are available for reasonable trash only. Wolff's does not have facilities to dispose of large items, unsold merchandise or excess garbage. Violators will be charged clean-up expenses and repeat offenders may not be able to sell with us INDOOR PALATINE MARKET: REMAINS OPEN EVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAY 8am to 4pm.