Monday, April 4, 2011

Everything you need to know about Wolff's Part 1: VENDOR TIPS & RULES


PLEASE READ ALL RULES FOR UPDATES -Information current as of 4/5/2011

ARRIVE EARLY - and bring a friend to help with early bird customers, bathroom, and shopping breaks. Early shoppers may have a tendency to try and look through your unpacked boxes. If this is not what you want – please simply ask them to move to the front of your tables.
BRING CHANGE - in a money box or apron ($10 in quarters, singles and five dollar bills for change). Watch your box or apron. You may lose a sale if you don’t have change. Keep it locked in your car, but don’t lock your keys in the car! Remember, if you listen to your car radio all day, you’re likely to have a dead battery at the end of the day.
UMBRELLAS AND CANOPIES - Our location has a tendency to be windy. It is REQUIRED that you have minimum 40 pounds to weigh down each corner of your canopy or umbrella. If you do not bring weights, we may ask you to remove your canopy. We have a limited number of cinder blocks for sale. Please ask an employee about purchasing blocks on the day of the market, but we cannot guarantee that they will be available. Securing or tying to a table leg or merchandise does not count for weight. You may tie the rear legs to your vehicle, but still need to weigh down the front legs.
ON A HOT DAY - Please bring plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc.
BAGS - Have grocery bags and newspapers for wrapping fragile items. Boxes can be helpful for larger or multiple purchases.
PRICING YOUR ITEMS - Bring price stickers, paper (for signs), markers, pens and tape. Keep in mind that your customers may want to haggle. This is a normal and fun aspect of Flea Marketing. Please do not get upset if you are offered a lower price, as again, this is customary at times. You have the choice to accept, decline, or counter-offer. Price items individually, by the box (e.g. $1 box), or not at all. It is up to you how you want to price your merchandise and customer opinion varies as to what they prefer.
RETURNS - You may want to consider posting a return policy, especially if you sell anything other than garage sale, antiques or collectible items. Our sellers are strongly encouraged to stand behind their products and representations.
COURTESY- Our vendors are encouraged to be courteous to shoppers. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Do not be rude or talk down to them. You may be asked to leave the market if customer relation issues occur.
LEAVING EARLY - Some vendors decide to leave early. We discourage this for several reasons. We don’t like vehicles driving through crowded aisles and customer flow is steady from when we open to when we close. You’ll be missing lots of sales!
TRASH - Please bring a sturdy trash bag(s). While we have clean up staff, their job is made easier if you are able to secure all of your garbage (boxes, paper, etc.) and keep it in your trash bag. Bags can be thrown away with a small amount of broken down boxes at the southwest corner of the Arena. You are not allowed to leave unsold merchandise. We continually walk the market watching for those breaking this rule. You will be fined (see vendor permit) and will not be allowed to sell with us in the future if this occurs.
SECURITY - We have many employees patrolling our market. Most are wearing red or green shirts. Some aren’t by design to watch over the market without being seen. We have several police officers patrolling as well. Please seek out any of these individuals with any problems you may have. Secure and watch your valuables. Keep your eyes on your booth. Unfortunately, there are shoplifters here just as at any store. Some sellers ask a neighboring vendor to watch their table if they find it necessary to leave their booth.
MERCHANDISE RESTRICTIONS - Please call 847-524-9590 for the latest updates on restricted items based on local regulations in Palatine and Rosemont. Below is the most current list of restricted merchandise. Wolff's Flea Market strictly regulates the type of merchandise being sold and follows local and federal laws and regulations to maintain a safe, family friendly environment. Please read the vendor rules on your permit AND the detailed list below to familiarize yourselves with items that are banned from our market. Staff and management reserve the right to deem additional merchandise as inappropriate and disallow it as well. Vendors will be asked to remove restricted items immediately. Your information may be recorded and a warning slip issued. If repeat offenses occur, vendor may not be allowed to sell with us in the future.
 Patrollers regularly check for banned merchandise. Vendors not adhering to these rules or those who do not follow directions from staff to immediately and permanently remove banned merchandise from their spaces run the risk of not being allowed to sell at our market. Do not argue with staff. We appreciate your cooperation and self-monitoring of your own personal merchandise.
 BANNED ITEMS - Alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, weapons and parts of weapons (guns, swords (new or collectible), arrows, knives, air guns, pellet guns, paint guns, crossbows, etc.), animals, ads for selling animals, drug paraphernalia, pepper spray, stun guns, used mattresses, used toilet seats, X rated, pornographic material including but not limited to magazines and movies, items requiring prescriptions or controlled substances (e.g. pseudophedrine), contact lenses (prescription AND/OR cosmetic), illegal items, tires older than 6 years.
 COUNTERFEIT - New or used trademark, copyright & logo violating merchandise: Including but not limited to DVD’s, CD’s, Purses, Make-up, Shoes, Clothing, Perfume, Sunglasses, Jewelry, etc. Don't bring it!
SERVICES and BROCHURES - No sale of catalog items or services that involve the exchange of money or collection of credit card information without the exchange of actual goods unless you have received pre-approval from Wolff's. No distribution of advertising or informational flyers on vehicles or in the aisles. No distribution of flyers by individuals who are not paid vendors of Wolff's. Distribution and sales must be contained within your paid selling space. No parking lot sales. Raffles and tarot card readings are not allowed.
FOOD -Due to contractual agreement and local health regulations, the sale of any food or concessions for consumption at the market, including, but not limited to beverages, hot food, home-baked goods, sandwiches is prohibited. Please call 847-524-9590 for information, pre-approval and rules regarding the selling other types of food, as well as local food permit requirements.
BABY- Due to safety and recalls, we do not allow the sale of NEW or USED infant/child car & booster seats, cribs, portable cribs, sleep positioning devices, bassinets, playpens, folding playpens, strollers, highchairs, baby seats, baby formula, etc.
SELLING AREA - Please clean your selling space and remove and take with you ALL unsold merchandise and large trash. Dumpsters are available for reasonable trash only. Wolff's does not have facilities to dispose of large items, unsold merchandise or excess garbage. Violators will be charged clean-up expenses and repeat offenders may not be able to sell with us INDOOR PALATINE MARKET: REMAINS OPEN EVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAY 8am to 4pm.

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