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Founded 2011

Have you noticed a few extra high school kids (and occasional college students) spinning around Wolff's Flea Market Palatine on our special event days? They are part of our community outreach program that benefits local children, their families and all other children who attend our market. High School Kids 4 Kids has amassed a solid footing at the market and we couldn't sponsor our fun events without them.

Our special events are family friendly and attract parents with small children, many from Spanish speaking families. Additionally, our sellers bring their own children to the market week after week and these events led by older kids are just the diversion they need during the long work day.

High School Kids 4 Kids volunteers work together as a team and shine naturally as they communicate in English and Spanish and also enjoy themselves as the kids they still are. To date, we have welcomed 20 high school and college volunteers to our events.

2011 Events
April Easter Egg Hunt, Gift distribution & Kids Carnival
June-Electronics Recycling & Earth Day celebration
July- Nelson Gill concert. Make your own limbo stick craft, dance and game leading
August- Super Couponing with Jill Cataldo-seating, customer escorts
October-Trunk or Treat at Kinsch's Florist
              Halloween Trick or Treat, Zumba & Costume Parade. This was our favorite event, because    our volunteers dressed up as characters, led dances and the costume parade.
See video here: HALLOWEEN 2011

December-Santa, present distribution to all children, Holiday craft. Crown control.

2012 Events
January-Data entry for Wolff's Flea market Cookbook Hungry as a Wolff
April-Easter Egg Hunt & Kids Carnival. Gift distribution and Egg Craft
June-Electronics recycling, Pet Rock Craft
August-Electronics recycling loading assist, Gods Eye craft
October-date TBA-Zumba & Halloween parade
Easter 2011 - Egg Prize Redemption Center
Halloween 2011-Recognize anyone?
July 2011-Making limbo sticks before the Nelson Gill concert
Easter 2011- Carnival Games
Christmas 2011 - All kids get a present!
December 2011 - Make your own ornament craft
Easter 2011
Electronics Recycling June 2012 - Pet Rock Craft

Electronics recycling August 2012

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