Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sharon Wolff

Some finds are a little scary
People often ask me, "What do they sell at your flea market?" Of course, the appropriate answer is a list of whichever 10 categories of merchandise I can conjure up at the moment. However, when am feeling philosophical, I answer "Everything that has ever been manufactured, sold, old, new, discarded, dusty, crafted, resold, re-made, found, tossed, lost, one of a kind, mysterious, mass produced, broken, repaired, rusty, shiny, valuable, junky, funky, created, overstocked, overlooked, discounted, abandoned, liked, disliked and anything else that defies logic."

Each week, laden with clipboard, reading glasses, walkie talkie, cell phone and two cameras, I navigate the markets. If I am at Rosemont, I also carry a 10 pound backpack, sunscreen and water bottle. Often, I drop something. Thank you to everyone who helps me retrieve my papers before they fly away.
Where would you put this? Who made it and where has it been? 

I make frequent stops to scrutinize a particular object that catches my eye. Rather, I am drawn as if by magnetic force to the unique spreads that vendors have carefully, carelessly or just nonchalantly placed out for sale. Some items I have never seen in my life, and will never see again. Some I see over and over again and others remind me of my childhood. Some are even scary. I often wonder about the thought process and planning behind the original
manufacturing of the product.
Disco Shoes

These objects inspire me in an ongoing, never ending quest to group like items together into facebook photo albums and youTube movies.

Actually found this twice!

Although, Elvis visits frequently,
he appears in a specific form only once

No matter how many photos I take, I will never be able to say that I have seen it all. And what applies to flea market shoppers, applies to flea market photographers. Better grab it/photograph it now or it will be gone!
Some find are sweet

Ribboned up Barbie
So, what's in your bag? To see just a fraction of America's trickled down items and beyond check out a few of our more unusual albums on facebook and Pinterest. Ever changing, ever growing.

Seen just one time

Tire planter (still for sale in Palatine) 
Really? This is on the Outsider Art Wall at Palatine
(AKA Ugly Art Wall)
Handmade. Go Cubs!

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