Thursday, February 14, 2013


UPDATED 3/28/13

Introducing a new concept in development: 
The "PIERCE PROGRAM" enhances our existing strict Merchandise Policy

P-PREVENTION - of counterfeit merchandise
I- INTERVENTION - if merchandise is found, it must be removed
E-EVERYONE - gets checked, so don't be offended
R-RESEARCH - is ongoing
C-COMPLIANCE - by vendors to not sell counterfeit merchandise
E-EDUCATION - of staff and vendors

STAFF: Please circle relevant merchandise               Revised 3/28/13 PINK WARNING SLIP 2

You are receiving a Warning Slip because you have
______ Counterfeit   ______ Baby   ______ Banned Merchandise

MERCHANDISE DESCRIPTION_______________________________________________________


Wolff’s Flea Market (WFM) follows local and federal laws and regulations and strives to maintain a safe, family friendly environment. Please read the rules on your permit and check for updates. Vendors not following rules or those who do not follow directions from staff to immediately & permanently remove banned merchandise run the risk of not being allowed to sell at our market.

1.     Our goals are prevention, intervention and education regarding counterfeit merchandise
2.     While we want vendors to sell as much as possible, if we are not sure of your merchandise, we may require it be removed until it can be verified on a case by case basis
3.     Do not argue with Staff, these are the rules and the law
4.     Staff and Management are available for discussion and education
5.     As instructed, banned items must be placed immediately and permanently out of sight and must remain inaccessible (in your car/trunk and not outside your vehicle or under your table)
6.    In order to witness and document your compliance, Staff will wait at your booth while you remove items. Please excuse yourself from your customers or booth set-up in order to quickly complete this task.
7.     These items must not be sold, visible or accessible to the public – today or in the future
8.     Failure to comply may result in permanent expulsion from the market
9.     Your information has been recorded and this PINK WARNING SLIP  issued
10.  For counterfeit (and possibly other) merchandise, you must sign staff PATROL FORM indicating that you have received PINK WARNING SLIP  and that will never sell/bring counterfeit merchandise to WFM today or in the future
11.  Failure to sign form will result in immediate expulsion from the market
12.  WFM reserves the right to photograph your items
13.  We appreciate your cooperation and self-monitoring of your merchandise
14.  Our research and education is an ongoing process, restrictions may change in the future
COUNTERFEIT No counterfeit, trademark, copyright, patent, license infringing or diluting (logo confusing) merchandise (NEW or USED) including but not limited to DVDs, CDs, Purses, Shoes, Clothing, Perfume, Sunglasses, Toys, Jewelry, ETC. It is ILLEGAL and punishable by law to sell counterfeit merchandise. Additionally, if we see certain brands of new or used designer, licensed items, ETC., we will require they be removed from your table as there is no way to authenticate their legitimacy.

EXAMPLES of new or used brands we do not allow: Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. MAC Cosmetics, Beats/Dr. Dre, Chanel Perfume (+other). This rule is non-negotiable. Google “counterfeit merchandise” to see how you can be arrested, fined and jailed for this offense.

BABY Due to safety & recalls, we do not allow the sale of NEW or USED infant/child car & booster seats, cribs, crib mattresses, portable cribs, sleep positioning devices, bassinets, playpens, folding playpens, strollers, highchairs, booster chairs, bouncy seats, baby formula, baby swings, wheeled walkers, baby seats, ETC.

BANNED Alcohol, tobacco, concession food (including drinks), fireworks, ammunition, weapons, parts of weapons (guns, knives, air guns, pellet/BB guns, toy guns without orange tips, pellets, pocket knives, swords, paint guns, crossbows, bows, arrows, decorative or collectible, ETC.), animals (except for service animals), ads for selling animals, drug paraphernalia, hookahs, novelty lighters, pepper spray/mace, stun guns, tasers, used mattresses, X rated, pornographic material including but not limited to magazines & movies, items requiring prescriptions, controlled substances, contact lenses (prescription OR cosmetic), illegal items & other items at our discretion.


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