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Updated and made better on July 7, 2017

Potential flea market vendors always ask, "What is the best time to arrive at Rosemont to get a 'good' space?"

Well, we are there for you as early as 2am. That's right, the Wolff family and many early shift employees don't sleep much on Saturday nights. And many of our diligent vendors & customers don't sleep either!

This is also the world of Earlybird Shoppers who pay $4 and arrive with coffee, flashlights and a strong desire to wake up in the middle of the night to catch the sleeping worm. A culture of its own that has developed over the last 26 seasons.

While the earliest recorded vendor in line was at 10pm on Saturday night, we stress that this is NOT a requirement, merely a preference based on vendor experience, superstitions, desires and....

Here is the timeline:
2am: Permanent reserved and daily vendors allowed in. Known open spaces on the east side of the market are assigned to daily vendors on a first come-first served basis. Some vendors prefer to wait for a space in the "6:15 line" (more about that below)
4:30ish: Spaces are assigned in the "Double Letter Rows" on the west side on a first come-first served basis
5am: Our recommendation for non reserved vendors to arrive. You will then have time to be assigned your space and set up before 6am
6am: Market opens for business
6:15am: Reserved "no-show" spaces are assigned to vendors waiting in the 6:15 line (first come-first served) and then to others who arrive.
We continue to assign spaces throughout the morning as vendors arrive. We rarely run out of spaces. Sometimes we run out of table rentals, so if you need a table, arrive on the earlier side.

At the vendor entrance on the west side of the building:
1. Pay your daily fee $40. Receive your permit.
2. If you need to rent a table, do so at this time for $7. You will receive a table ticket and the table will be delivered to your space.
3. A sticky note will be placed on your car, and a staff person will escort you to your space
4. You will be directed to park across the back of your 25'x18' selling space
5. Have a great day!

      For complete schedule, more information and Merchandise rules, Palatine flea market, please go to
Call or text us at 847-524-9590
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                   SEE YOU AT THE FLEA!

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