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Due to the popularity and exclusivity of Apple/Samsung products, several versions of trademark infringing and counterfeit chargers, cables, cases, earbuds, packaging and other accessories exist online and from wholesalers. Like designer purses, smart phone accessory brands have fallen prey to counterfeiters. 
While we have not encountered all of the brands listed below, we know counterfeit versions are already available online and have been seized at various coastal locations. Like a slowly spreading virus, they may (will) be coming to Chicago... To manage the outbreak, we routinely research and inspect popular accessories. We appreciate the cooperation of vendors, wholesalers and customers as we, along with the rest of the world continue to address the problem. 

Currently counterfeited cell phone accessory brands: To date, we have seen counterfeit versions of the following brands circulating in the Chicago and Indiana areas: Otterbox LifeProof, designer logos, Apple, Samsung Galaxy, professional sports team logos, popular licensed cartoon characters, Hello Kitty, Speck. We are on the lookout for other brands as well.  As of now, we are sorry to say that because of counterfeiting, Otterbox, LifeProof and Samsung branded cases are not allowed to be sold at our markets unless you have received prior approval, merchandise inspection and proof of a legitmate, realistic source

Realize that it is possible for used or new "onesie" authentic high-end cases to legitimately cycle into the flea marketplace. These would be allowed on a case-by-case basis (no pun intended). In some situations, receipts may be required. Many generic non-infringing items are also acceptable, but this is a complicated situation. We must take it upon ourselves to analyze various parameters and make final decisions as to the appropriateness of individual products. While we are not legal or trademark experts, we consistently study this ever-changing, developing situation and frequently update our own guidelines. Also realize that what may have been acceptable last week may be banned next week or in the future. We reserve the right to require that your product be removed. We reserve the right to photograph your product for training purposes.

Please call with questions. Ask before you buy phone accessories (or any other new popular merchandise for resale)! Your wholesaler, local small store or online seller may stock a mixture of acceptable and unacceptable product. Beware of anyone, anywhere who offers you a "cheap buy" on high-end cases (or any other type of licensed, trademarked items). If the deal seems too good to be true...the items may be counterfeit. 

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We sound tough, but it's the law /policy and we work diligently to uphold it.
Unsure about your product? Please call 847-524-9590 to see if it is acceptable to us. While we are not experts, we conduct ongoing research in an attempt to keep up with current product news. We MAY be able to answer some of your questions, however YOU are ultimately responsible for authenticating your own merchandise and we cannot be held responsible. If we are in doubt about something you are selling, we often ask you to put it away until further proof of authenticity or research about that item has been presented. Occasionally, we may require that you show us appropriate receipts. (FYI-handwritten receipts or receipts from some websites, local wholesalers or independently owned stores stores are NOT acceptable)

Be aware that WHOLESALERS (online or certain actual stores in the city), resale shops, thrift stores, garage sales, "a guy", storage sheds, bulk lots and online stores (e.g. eBay, Amazon, importers, Craigslist), while offering seemingly good resale opportunities are not necessarily legitimate ways to obtain licensed/trademarked/genuine merchandise. If it's too good to be true-it may not be real. Please be careful when purchasing even 1 type of new or used high-end item. When in doubt, we reserve the right to not allow you to sell it. Read our blog posts on this topic HERE and HERE 

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