Thursday, April 2, 2015


Thank you for reading Wolff's Flea Market Blog. Our goal is to share all things flea market related!

We love to share our creative ideas!  Our posts on repurposing, cooking and offbeat humor reflect the fun side of our business.

You may notice that serious topics may have taken over this blog! Over time, we found it necessary to include informative articles and pictorial educational guides related to counterfeits. Throughout the years, we discovered that among other small and large businesses, flea markets are vulnerable to the presence of counterfeit products. We decided to take a big step and become an "open book".  In Wolff's Flea Market Blog, we share our thoughts and knowledge in a public forum with the hope of bringing some sense to this ongoing, worldwide issue.

We are always learning and always teaching. Over the years, we acquired skills related to assessing merchandise as counterfeit or authentic and identifying good and bad merchandise sources. We developed procedures for teaching our clientele, and continue to create pictorial and written instructional reports for educating our staff, vendors and customers. Due to ever-changing levels of counterfeit quality, "google alerts", marketplace brands and new trends, we seem learn something new almost every day! We continue to tweak and update our in-house procedures to reflect this fluid knowledge. One of our mottos, "Research is Ongoing" fuels our quest to legitimize our market as a trustworthy shopping venue.

While we are not the only type of business to encounter counterfeits, as a flea market, we wish to share our point of view and knowledge in order to help our clientele make informed and safe buying and selling decisions.

Some counterfeit related articles are objective, fact based or a summary of information collected during a certain period of time. Since research is ongoing, older posts may seem less detailed or developed. Information may have changed since the first writing of a blog post. We make every effort to remain current on news, lawsuits, raids, busts, laws, vulnerable merchandise, new store products, but it is possible that some older articles will not reflect updates. Information included in each post is current and based on our knowledge and/or opinion as of the date the post was written. Please be mindful of new information.

Some counterfeit related articles have been written with a subjective or humorous slant because it seemed the best way, on that day to share our thoughts. We know that counterfeits are bad, but sometimes manufacturing imperfections are so ridiculous that we find the need to teach through humor.

Our goal is always remain true to another motto: Prevention-Intervention-Education (PIE).

The views expressed in our blog reflect the opinions and experiences of Wolff's Flea Market. We are not offering legal advice, just providing an educational forum and food for thought.

We welcome your questions and comments.

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