Friday, July 7, 2017


By Sharon Wolff

Wolff's Flea Market is a leader in the swap meet industry for policy, research and education regarding counterfeit merchandise. Counterfeits are an ongoing worldwide concern, and wholesalers, flea markets, internet sources, small brick & mortar stores, mall kiosks, individuals, guys on the corner etc. are vulnerable and liable for selling fake merchandise. 

We monitor hundreds of brands in all categories along many parameters. We have spent years developing our Merchandise Patrol program and employ a fantastic team of patrollers, also known as Counterfighters. It is not an exact science, and we rely upon ongoing research and news stories to assist us in our quest. While we want our vendors to make money and sell their products, we do not tolerate counterfeit products and aim to Prevent-Intervene-Educate

During our routine patrols around the flea market, we sometimes encounter banned or counterfeit merchandise. Did you know that Chicago is the 3rd biggest US hub for counterfeit products? (Los Angeles and New York are ahead of us). So, it is not surprising that fakes are evident in several Chicagoland venues in small to larger numbers. 

Our first goal is to EDUCATE our vendors in order to keep our customers, vendors and market safe from counterfeits. 

Please click here see the FULL LIST OF MERCHANDISE RULES and an example of our Informational Pink Slip. is given to vendors as information and also as an expansion of our rules. It is updated as new information is revealed as a result of our ongoing research. 


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