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Opening Sunday April 3 - Outdoors at the
ALLSTATE ARENA-25th Anniversary!
 6920 N. Mannheim, Rosemont, IL 
Between Higgins & Touhy

Please note that early close days are highly trafficked and busy! Much attendance occurs before noon! Occasionally an event may be added by the Allstate Arena that will cause the flea market to close for the day, or to close earlier in the day than normal. We will always post updates at our markets, twitter, Facebook, and Subscribe to emails at for immediate, frequent updates and news.


Wolff’s Flea Market Palatine – 1775 N. Rand Rd remains open year-round. This market contains 350 indoor spaces and is open both Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 4pm. To visit Palatine for FREE with paid admission at our Allstate Arena Market, just get your hand stamped at any Rosemont Admission booth. Please see the other side of this flyer for more Palatine information.

A. HOURS:  6am to 3pm (Open for vendors at 3am)
B. VENDING SPACE FEE:  $40; Corner Spaces $50
C. YEARLY RESERVATION:  $150; The Reservation fee is a yearly one-time fee which holds a specific space if the vendor arrives prior to 6:15am. Reserved vendors still need to pay daily rental fees. Reservations are not required for daily vendors.
D. TABLES:  $7/day per 6’ table
E. Reserved spaces are held until 6:15am
F. Spaces measure 25’ X 18’ (25’ front; 3 parking spaces)
G.  Plenty of spaces also available on a first come first serve basis for daily vendors. In 25 years, we have turned vendors away only a couple of times. Oversized vehicles may require a 2nd space. Please refer to Vendor & Merchandise rules at (e.g. no counterfeits, etc.)
H. CUSTOMER ADMISSION:   $2 Adults, $1 Senior Citizens (62+) & children 6-12, children under 6 are free, $4 Early Admission fee prior to 6am
Discounted multi-visit passes available at our Information Booth 9am-1:30pm during market hours.


Wolff’s Flea Market has renewed its lease at the Palatine location through March 2017.  We are located on Rand Rd., just north of Dundee, only minutes off of Route 53.  This intersection is one of the busiest in the northwest suburbs, and only about 20 minutes northwest of our outdoor location at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont. This market has been open for 6 1/2 years and has been steadily growing in popularity and visibility in the area.

Both reserved and walk in spaces are available. Please refer to vendor rules at (e.g. no counterfeits, etc.). If you are interested in a reserved space, it is important that this is accomplished early in the summer as we quickly fill up once we get to late summer/early fall!

We will also have outdoor spaces available if interested.

1.     HOURS:  Saturdays and Sundays, 8am-4pm (open for vendors 6am October thru April)
                                                                               (open for vendors 7am May- September)

2.     Summer Pricing (May-September)

a)     Reservation/Storage: (non-refundable) $55 per month for the first space, $45 for the second space, $40 for the 3rd and additional spaces
b)    Daily Fee:   1st Space  - Saturday - $20, Sunday - $25              
                                2nd Space - Saturday - $18, Sunday - $22
                                3rd Space (+ additional spaces) - Saturday - $16, Sunday - $19
                                Corners and Walls are an additional $5 per day

3.     Fall/Winter Pricing (October-April)

a)     Reservation/Storage: (non-refundable) $70 per month for the first space, $60 for the second space, $55
              for the 3rd space.

b)    Daily Fee:  Regular Space - Saturday $22, Sunday $28
                                Corner/Wall-Saturday $27, Sunday $33
4.     Additional Fees
a)     Electricity:  $2 per day
b)    Table Rental:  $6 per day, $10 per weekend (6’ tables)
c)     Saturday overnight storage for non-reserved vendors:  $4
d)    Customer Admission: $1 for adults, .50 for seniors and children 6-12, under 6 free.

5.     Every weekend, non-reserved daily/weekend spaces will also be available on a first come first serve basis.

6.     Spaces measure 12’ X 8’ (12’ front)

7.     Vendors storing merchandise are required to pay their daily rental fee whether they present or not

8.     The Village of Palatine requires that all vendors supply us with their name and address, which will also be given to Palatine. Packaged food vendors must call Wolff’s in advance to determine if a food license is required from the Village of Palatine.

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