Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FOOD REVIEW: Mario's Cart Vegetarian Options at Wolff's Flea Market Rosemont Allstate Arena

This week's guest blogger and food taster is Info Team Member Melissa Kliesch!

Being a non meat eater at a fair, festival, or market which covers the burger and dog circuit; it's sometimes difficult to find an alternative that's a little more than the pizza or fries you usually see. 

I'm not dissing the pizza or fries one bit, but sometimes when it's hard to convince yourself that the sauce on the pizza or the deep fried goodness of a potato really is a vegetable, you have to look a little further.

So this is where Mario's Cart and their Chico Wrap comes to the forefront. This flour tortilla is filled with fresh spinach, mozzarella, tomato and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Swap the chicken for the avocado pico de gallo and it's a veggie delight.

"Oh where did you get that?" I hear as I open my veggie wrap from Mario's Cart.

"That looks good!" and it totally does.

I open it up: The cheese is melty, the spinach is a plenty and it is really fresh and green. You also get good color from the tomato and the avocado in the pico de gallo.

What looks good, tastes even better. You get the softness of the flour tortilla, a nice crunch from the spinach, the creaminess from the cheese and the tartness from the balsamic vinegar. All complimented by the small kick from the pico de gallo. It's a good little wrap. For $8 and how fresh everything was, I think you totally get your money's worth.

Also as a side note, the staff at Mario's Cart was super accommodating. At some places if you ask for a substitution of no meat, there's a bit of confusion. But here as soon as a started explaining what I wanted, I got a reply, "Oh you want the veggie wrap." 

Yeah, so clearly it's already a thing and I'm late to the party.

So if you want a healthier option the next time you're at Wolff's Flea Market, head over and order the Chico Wrap, with or without chicken--you might see me ordering the same thing.

The Veggie Wrap from Mario's cart: Fresh, Green & Delicious!
(PHOTO: Melissa Kliesch)
The Chico Wrap, for those who like chicken!
(PHOTO: Sharon Wolff)

See you at the flea!

Mario's Cart

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