Monday, August 7, 2017


By Sharon Wolff



Created 8/7/17 - Updates as needed

Thank you for considering selling at one of Chicagoland’s best flea markets! Whether you are getting rid of a few household belongings or starting out as a new small business, we are here to support you in your endeavors!

We want your experience at Wolff’s Flea Market to be pleasant and successful.
Please note that in order to ensure that success and maintain our reputation as a legitimate, family-friendly shopping venue, we incorporate stringent merchandise rules.

It is imperative that you carefully read and re-read:

We inspect your merchandise. We inspect everyone’s merchandise. 
All day. More than once. It's what we do. It's what we love. Call us weird. Call us Counterfighters.

We also expect you to educate yourselves on the type of products that are allowed and why certain items are banned.

It is unfortunate that some vendors don’t read our rules and need to either remove a big chunk of the merchandise they invested in, or even worse, not have anything left to sell and therefore need to leave our market. (And worst - take it out again and experience the Drive of Shame, straight out the exit.)

Common items that first time sellers seem to bring:
Counterfeit Dolce & Gabbana purse
See the removable clip-on tag? 
  • Baby furniture: high chairs, strollers, cribs etc. We do not allow because of safety and recalls.
  • Counterfeit wholesale electronics: Online or even local wholesalers are known for selling counterfeit phone accessories - chargers, cables, headphones - BEWARE!
  • Counterfeit sports jerseys: Garage sale/thrift shop/other sources might even tell you the jersey is real. It might appear to be crisp and clean with tags. Items are faked in varying quality. Please know your product before investing and bringing it out to sell.
  • Counterfeit or high end designer purses: Sorry it is very unlikely the (insert brand name) purse you found for $3 at a garage sale is real!
  • And even if you are "sure" that your Coach or Louis Vuitton are real - you still cannot sell them. And a few other brands as listed on MERCHANDISE RULES and pictured here.
  • And other stuff, too, so let's just all read and re-read the rules.
While we aim to educate new vendors, those  who don’t get with the program may end up being permanently ejected. 

Our goals: 
It’s a piece of PIE!

And as always, please call or text us with questions. We are not lawyers, nor do we represent any of the hundreds of brand names and designers we have made it our business to protect. We are a small family-owned business that aims to do the right thing by keeping our clientele safe! We are always learning about new products and counterfeits and sharing our merchandise experience with the world!

Google is your friend: Please "google" many of your questions regarding counterfeits.
Or text/call us 847-524-9590
2018 "Counterfeit Collage"

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