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David Meets 4 Former Negro Baseball League Legends

On May 21 st and 22 nd T.O. Productions hosted a Sports Card, Memorabilia and Autograph Signing Show at Wolff’s Flea Market in Palatine.  The b ig attractions at the show were three 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bear players: Emery Moorehead, Mike Richardson and Shaun Gayle.  It was really cool to meet the Bears as I am a big fan and vividly remember the glory of the 1985 championship season.  While the Bears appearance was the big draw, for me, a special highlight of the day was the appearance of 4 former Negro Baseball League Legends: Hank “Baby” Presswood, Johnny “Lefty” Washington, Louis “The Grey Cat” Clarizio Jr. and Ray “Boo Boy” Knox.  As a huge baseball fan who enjoys the history of the game, it was a great honor for me to meet these amazing gentlemen.  I spent two hours listening to stories about Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and many other stars of their era.  I heard how Johnny Washington picked off Hank Aaron

What To Do With Your Unwanted Electronics

What To Do With Your Unwanted Electronics E-Waste: A serious worldwide environmental issue By Sharon Wolff Fact : Computers are used on average for less than three years and cell phones are replaced every 2 years. “Electronics waste is growing exponentially” ( In this day of quickly evolving technology and seemingly planned obsolescence, consumers are compelled to possess the most updated electronic devices. For those of us who own even minimal gadgets and accessories, the collection most likely includes a television, cell phone, PDA, computer, printer, monitor, scanner, keyboard, modem, back-up technology, laptop, stereo, copier and fax machine. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 25 electronics per household. True, you paid good money for your electronic items, but when they become obsolete or unfixable, you may not be able to resell them.   So what do you do with your unusable electronics?

52 Pounds of Potatoes & Recipes

I have 52 pounds of potatoes in my home. Put another way, I have over 100 spuds (not studs) in my house. Why? It's  long story. It all began when I purchased an ordinary 10 pound bag of Russet potatoes on sale at Jewel for $1.99. Independently, dear husband realized he had a taste for the yellow version of these tasty tubers, and brought home a 10 pound bag of Yukon Gold Potatoes before I even peeled the first Russet.  That same evening, I starting humming the old Harry Chapin song,  30 Thousand Pounds of Bananas . Please stay with me as we will soon tabulate some serious potato poundage. The following day, my 92 year-old mom asked me to buy her a "few" baking potatoes at the Marketplace on Oakton. Well, the "fruit store" as she calls it, offered 5 and 10 pound bags for the same low price! Such a deal! What would you do? What would Harry Chapin (may he rest in peace) do? So, instead of 3 potatoes, I bought in on a $1.49 - 10 pound bag. After all, if store

June 11: Back to Earth Gardening & Recycling Event in Palatine

*Now accepting vendors interested in selling plants, garden and earth friendly merchandise. If you are a garden expert and would like to share your knowledge, we'd love to feature you! Please call 847-524-9590 to reserve your FREE 8"x 12' space. WHERE: Wolff’s Flea Market Palatine 1775 N. Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074 WHEN: Saturday June 11, 2011 8am to 4pm EVENTS:   Community Electronics Recycling 9am to 2pm Garden experts Wormplicity-worm composting Plant Sale-all day Garden D├ęcor Sale-all day Earth Friendly Booths-all day Freecycle of Palatine, Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows booths- 9am to 2pm Com2 Recycling Solutions will accept the following items: Cell phones, computers, monitors, televisions, laptops, copiers, modems, keyboards, PDA’s, telephones, answering machines, scanners, printers, fax machines, VHS players, other electronics Not accepted: radioactive materials, hazardous materials, non-e