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By Sharon Wolff Bossman presents: The Blob You'll find the Nucleus (also referred to as Bossman's Jewelry Blob ) upstairs at Wolff's Flea Market Palatine in Bossman & Son's Booth. What is this mysterious mess that rises above the innocuous red skirted table? How and why could such a thing exist? Over the past 2 years I have occasionally visited this conglomeration and it seemed about time to take a closer look at its contents and followers. I spent a couple of weeks observing and talking to the variety of people who routinely gather around Bossman's Jewelry Table. Customers sift through Bossman's Jewelry Blob Some folks are initially put off by the confusion experienced when viewing this display for the first time. They glance at it, then quickly avert their eyes and walk away, as if something so tightly tangled could be maniacal if provoked. It is true, that on occasion, the Blob has been known to bite. I highly recommend that visitors us