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Oodles of Onions

Candy Onions Yep-he did it again-brought home fresh produce in mass from the flea market. This time, it was 2 large bags of onions  However, these were no ordinary onions. They are called "Candy Onions" and it was proclaimed that they would be the best tasting onions in the world. Since they were grown at  Twin Gardens Farms , (who bring us the incredible Mirai Sweetcorn), I was in on this food prep project without hesitation. I was ready to rock! It's getting easier each week to enjoy the bounty of fresh produce at Wolff's. Sweet & Delicious! DAY 1 David just ate them plain--sauteed in olive oil! DAY 2 CHICKEN SOUP Directions : Chicken Soup Combine in large stockpot: water, 4 chicken thighs, 4 chicken breasts, (skin on), celery, onion, carrots, parsley. Bring to a boil. Cover and cook on low until chicken falls off the bone. This takes a few hours, so just go about your business and keep checking on the soup every now and then. When

Newsletter 9/1/2011

~~  WOLFF'S FLEA MARKETS  ~~ September 1, 2011    HOURS:  Rosemont : Sunday 9/4  6am-1:30pm  (Closed Monday, Labor Day) Palatine : Every Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm   Go to Facebook  Man Cave Event * *You must join facebook to participate in this event _____________________ UPCOMING EVENTS: Click on dates for info September-Both Markets Decorate your Man Cave! September 17-18-Palatine North Suburban Carver's Show September 18-Rosemont LifeSource Blood Drive Tie-Dye Your own Wolff's Flea Market T-shirt 10am ______________________           ________________________ 847-524-9590 Dear Penny, I subscribe to your emails & really enjoy reading them, but am just not into facebook. What's all the fuss about "liking" or "following" everyone? Why should I? Won't everyone be spying on me? What's in it for me? Signed, Maya St