WELCOME TO WOLFF’S FLEA MARKET 2023! FIRST TIME & NEW VENDORS!   PLEASE READ! Created 8/7/17 - Updated 3/10/19, 4/19/19, 6/21/19, 2/19/2020, 3/3/2021,2/26/22, 8/29/22, 4/4/23, 7/11/23 Yup, looks like another long read by Wolff's Flea Market...👀 Thank you for considering selling at one of Chicagoland’s best flea markets! Whether you are decluttering or starting a small business, we are here to support your endeavors! It's EASY to get your seller space, and you will need to set your alarms! No reservations required. Drive to west side of building around 5am *  stay in your car and staff will direct you to a space. You will park across the back of the space.  * NOTE : WE HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING LARGE VENDOR CROWDS IN 2023. TO OBTAIN A FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVE SPACE WE RECOMMEND VENDORS ARRIVE  EARLIER THAN 5AM ON GOOD WEATHER DAYS (AS EARLY AS 2AM-4AM). Watch this video to see how it looks as you drive in.   INSTAGRAM REEL OF VENDOR PARKING We want your experience


C - Canopy Weights A - Are N - Not O - Optional P - Please Y - You need to be safe ! Vendors, this post is for you. With hot weather upon us, many of you will choose to bring a canopy to shield you and your merchandise from the sun. It is very important that when setting up your booth for the day that the first tasks you attend to are your CANOPY & UMBRELLA WEIGHTS. We understand you are eager to unpack your merchandise, but if you are using a canopy, the first priority is safety. Do not leave your weights in your vehicle "to set up later". You may get busy and forget. Wind and wind gusts are an inherent part of of being outside and can occur at any time. Early in the day, the air may seem calm, but being in a wide open space, wind gusts can occur. As the day progresses, air currents from overhead planes and other weather conditions can also cause windy conditions. Occasionally we may require canopies to be taken down due to weather conditions. We like the E


COUNTERFEITS FAQ QUESTIONS & ANSWERS BY SHARON WOLFF Creative Media & Merchandise Consultant to Wolff's Flea market We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice. Information here is gathered from our experience and ongoing research. Counterfeits are not allowed at Wolff's Flea Market.  Vendors are responsible for monitoring their own merchandise. More Questions?     Call or text 847-524-9590   Originally published May 2015 Edited 11/17/16, 3/7/2017, 5/5/18, 2/19/2020, 4/4/2023 WHAT IS A COUNTERFEIT? Counterfeit products are illegal fake copies of real products. People knowingly or unknowingly buy or sell counterfeits. Other related terms: fake, copy, replica, forgery, knock-off, bootleg, pirated, unlicensed, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, look-alike.                                              IS THERE A LAW? The Lanham Trademark Act is the federal law prohibiting counterfeits. It bans the use of: copied pictures, word

No Merchandise Shortages at Wolff's Flea Market - Rosemont

Shoppers & Sellers win big on pallet auctions of store returns, overstock, past season, new merchandise Experts predict that the 2021 holiday shopping season will be fraught with shortages on everything from gifts to toys to clothing, electronics and even daily necessities. Manufacturing, shipping and transport delays may prevent certain products from reaching your homes in time for the holidays.  Luckily, you can start and finish your shopping in October at Wolff's Flea Market - Rosemont. With just 2 more Sundays left to the season, we hope to quickly introduce you to our fabulous in person, all outdoor, unique, sustainable, shopping experience.  You can stock up in on most everything you want and need because there are no shipping or shopping delays here!   Don't you think it's time to start (and finish) your holiday shopping? Logically, you can even check off your whole list in just one visit. It's all here, out in the open and in stock. One place for all ages an

Wolff's Flea Market Diaries 10/18/21

FLEA MARKET DIARIES 10/18/21 ​ BE KIND -  In words and actions As our 2021 season draws to a close, we are beginning to having those sentimental flea market thoughts.  Wolff's Flea Market - Rosemont, IL   Wolff's Flea Market is a family owned and family friendly business. For over 30 years, we have offered fair and equal opportunities for vendors and customers to participate in diverse, enjoyable and successful shopping + selling. We monitor merchandise and respectfully educate if you have something we do not allow. We also expect our clientele to maintain respectful behavior. If an uncomfortable situation arises, please do not engage, but instead contact a staff person (in green shirts with walkie talkies) who will direct you to or contact the proper management or security. Please do not shout, use profanity or insults. An individual may be asked to leave the market if we deem their behavior to be offensive, disruptive and inappropriate to our family friendly atmosphere.   ​ A


Originally published August 2017. Updated October 2021, October 2022 What is your policy on Offensive Merchandise? Wolff's Flea Market has never allowed the sale of prejudicial or offensive merchandise.  Recently, we have found the need to become more specific in what we qualify as offensive. We realize some patrons might not agree with our decision, but as a family business, we feel confident that we are making the correct choice for our market. We reserve this right to make this decision. While we know some people consider WWII items to be collectible rather than offensive, we ban the sales and display of both current and older historical Nazi related merchandise. This includes but is not limited to items bearing a variety of symbols and insignia that were present in WWII Nazi Germany, such as flags, ribbons, pins, jewelry, etc. We also do not allow the sales or display of new or historical Confederate merchandise (including, but not limited to flags, stickers, licens


By Sharon Wolff Wolff's Flea Market is a leader in the swap meet industry for policy, research and education regarding counterfeit merchandise.  Counterfeits are an ongoing worldwide concern, and wholesalers, flea markets, internet sources, social media marketplaces, small brick & mortar stores, mall kiosks, individuals, guys on the corner etc. are vulnerable and liable for selling fake merchandise.  We monitor hundreds of brands in all categories along many parameters. We have spent years developing our Merchandise Patrol program and employ a fantastic team of patrollers, also known as Counterfighters . It is not an exact science, and we rely upon ongoing research and news stories to assist us in our quest. While we want our vendors to make money and sell their products, we do not tolerate counterfeit products and aim to Prevent-Intervene-Educate During our routine patrols around the flea market, we sometimes encounter banned or counterfeit merchandise. Did you kn