Friday, December 7, 2012


Sharon Wolff

12 Days of Flea Market Bliss
8 Days of Flea Market Hanukkah
You've Got 10 Gifts $10 and Under

Over the next few months you will be spending extra money on gifts, food, decorations, seasonal clothing and more. Here a few ways to save a little as you go. Wouldn't it be interesting to keep a tally of how much money you save? Photos depict items that have been for sale at Wolff's Flea Market, They may no longer be available. But you will surely find something!

1. New Seasonal Decorations: if you didn't purchase clearance priced holiday decorations at the end of last season, don't despair! You can easily find new packaged holiday decor - lights, lawn decorations, trees -  at flea markets at less than current retail prices.

2. Used Seasonal Decorations: Recycle, reuse, repurpose! Items are destined to have a second or third life after the original buyer no longer wants them. They often end up at a resale venue like a garage sale, thrift shop or flea market. You can easily find gently used items in excellent condition an all of these places. Often seasonal items have been used only a few times and are in ready condition for their next home.

3.  Table Accessories: Have fun dressing your table for less! Candy dishes, linens, serving bowls, crystal, depression glass, platters, vases, candle holders and other knick knacks add a special touch to your holiday themed "tablescape". You can find funky accessories to fit your budget.

4.  Creativity: Display your flea market finds in unique and unusual ways. Mix and match seasonal colors and textures and the amazing eclectic result will impress your guests!

5. Gifts: Buy new, used, handcrafted, vintage and antique items at flea markets. You'll find better than retail prices and have fun hunting for additions to your loved one's quirks or collections.

6. DIY: Is a piece of furniture a little too scratched up for your preference? Missing a knob or two? Use your "future vision" and imagine what you can do to repurpose the item into a custom designed piece.

7. Stock up: See something you like? Is it a product you use regularly? Think ahead and buy in quantity. A vendor may even give you a bulk discount. Examples: food, paper products, toothbrushes, cleaning supplies, buckets of laundry soap.

8. Winter accessories:  Gloves, socks, hats, scarves make practical gifts and are useful for yourself.  At a flea market you can often purchase attractive items for men, women and children for $5 to $10.

9. Furniture: Sometimes it's better to buy a good solid piece of second-hand wooden furniture because in the long run it is higher quality than the same, more expensively priced pressed wood furniture.

10. Off brand items: The "generic" or unknown brands of products you see at a flea market may have come from a wholesaler and are offered to you at discounted prices. The quality, warmth and style can be just a good as a well-known brand, only cheaper in price! Don't be "married" to the brand; give the generic a chance!

So what are you waiting for? See how much money you can save while enjoying a flea market experience! Grab a friend and try a flea market!