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Wolff's Flea Market 2023: Seasons & Sunrises

WOLFF'S FLEA MARKET 2023 Seasons change They told us so From before To during To after To the sweet anticipation of  Next Time Next Year Missing what passed in a flash Wasn’t it yesterday? When sleepless nights and rushing minds fused with flea market Sundays? Shoppers, Sellers, Staff New faces and wonders merge with the old Heart souls we call family  Your flea market journey blends with ours You are our home, this amazing Rosemont Flashlights, wagons, treasures Eclectic eccentricities Moonlight missions lead to sunrise Each day unique, this year the strongest Missing what’s paused But it’s only for now Time will send us spinning toward next season And we will do it all over again Our words and pictures do not embody the full perspective of Wolff’s Flea Market Your creative contributions complete the vision Sending heartfelt thoughts of gratitude, peace, health and kindness to our flea market community as we say goodbye for now and look to more in 2024! Love,  Wolff’s Flea Market