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C - Canopy Weights A - Are N - Not O - Optional P - Please Y - You need to be safe ! Vendors, this post is for you. With hot weather upon us, many of you will choose to bring a canopy to shield you and your merchandise from the sun. It is very important that when setting up your booth for the day that the first tasks you attend to are your CANOPY & UMBRELLA WEIGHTS. We understand you are eager to unpack your merchandise, but if you are using a canopy, the first priority is safety. Do not leave your weights in your vehicle "to set up later". You may get busy and forget. Wind and wind gusts are an inherent part of of being outside and can occur at any time. Early in the day, the air may seem calm, but being in a wide open space, wind gusts can occur. As the day progresses, air currents from overhead planes and other weather conditions can also cause windy conditions. Occasionally we may require canopies to be taken down due to weather conditions. We like the E