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COUNTERFEIT EDUCATION : Although we do not authenticate or allow Coach products at Wolff's Flea Market, we enjoy analyzing a never-ending supply of counterfeit samples that we and our vendors find at garage sales, thrift shops, storage lockers, purse parties, Location X (not us) and even the garbage.  Many thanks to our wonderful, educated vendors who donate their finds to the counterfeit education cause.  *COUNTERFEITING IS ILLEGAL. IMAGES SHOWN FOR PURPOSES OF EDUCATION AND DISCUSSION. TRADEMARKS BELONG TO INDIVIDUAL HOLDERS. COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE IS NOT ALLOWED AT WOLFF'S FLEA MARKET. NOT SO PRETTY IN PINK DID THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OR SELLER REALLY THINK THEY COULD PASS THIS OFF AS REAL "BECAUSE IT HAS A SEWN LABEL WITH SERIAL NUMBERS?" TOO BAD THEY FORGOT TO PUT SPACES BETWEEN THE WORDS...

Two Kinds of Counterfeit

We look for what is easiest explained as "2 types of counterfeit products". Although we are not lawyers or experts on everything, we share with you our ongoing research. Further Reading: Trademark Law Trademark Dilution Trademark Dilution Article 1. OUTRIGHT COUNTERFEIT ITEMS :   Are cheaply and mass produced and claim to be the authentic product. Logos, trademarks, words, patterns, labels and images are copied and represented as real. Counterfeit products are illegal and banned at Wolff's Flea Market. *Even if you say "This is not a real_______", it is illegal to sell. *Even if you sell it for cheap, it is illegal to sell. *Even if it is ugly, gross, broken, it is illegal to sell. *Even if your customer still wants to buy it, it is illegal to sell. *Even if you didn't know, it is illegal to sell. *New or used, if it's fake you cannot sell it. Example : Pictured is a counterfeit Monster Fox Racing t-shirt found at a street kiosk while on


A ONE OF A KIND FLEA MARKET MUSEUM! (now closed) By Sharon Wolff Images and counterfeit products shown for purposes of education and discussion.  We are not lawyers and are not offering legal advice.  Research and education is ongoing. Location: Inside Wolff's Flea Market 1775 N. Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074 Phone: 847-524-9590 Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 8am-4pm Check back for changing displays! A SMALL, BUT MIGHTY USEFUL COUNTERFEIT DISPLAY THESE COUNTERFEIT ITEMS WERE BROUGHT TO THE 2015 NATIONAL FLEA MARKET ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS  AT NEW YORK, NEW YORK HOTEL AS PART OF WOLFF'S FLEA MARKET EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION WATCH OUR "BE A COUNTERFIGHTER" MOVIE HERE:


First Published on and Merchandiser Magazine Buy Safely, Sell Safely: Avoiding Counterfeit Merchandise January 26, 2015  by  publisher Filed under  Featured ,  How-To Zone Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest_share Share on linkedin By Sharon Wolff, Media and Merchandise Consultant to Wolff’s Flea Market Note : We recognize the  Merchandiser Magazines  commitment as a reliable source for wholesaler connections. Information in this article reflects experiences, conclusions, logic, hunches and opinions of Wolff’s Flea Market. It is not intended to be legal advice. We are not lawyers or trademark experts. Ongoing research is collected from a variety of sources. Trademarks and brand names mentioned in this article are depicted for purposes of education, example and discussion and belong to individual holders. The sale of counterfeit, copyrigh