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Former Negro Baseball League Legends

• Hank "Baby" Presswood, 90  - Infielder who played for legendary John "Buck" O'Neil. Hank played two years (1948 & 1949) with the Cleveland Buckeyes, then two with the Kansas City Monarchs - both as a Shortstop & 3B - between 1950 & 1952. Recently Hank was "drafted," by the Chicago White Sox. Topps created a new Ginter card and Hartland created a figurine of him in March of 2009. • Johnny "Lefty" Washington, 81 - Morgan Park High School Grad. Played for Ted "Double Duty" Radclif where he finished the 1949 campaign with the Chicago American Giants. In 1950 he pitched for the Houston / New Orleans Eagles.  Johnny served his country in Korea (Marines) where he earned two Purple Hearts.  In 2009 his high school (Morgan Park, of Beverly, IL) retired baseball his jersey. • Ray "Boo Boy" Knox, 80 - Catcher for the Chicago American Giants (1950). Illinois native. Attended Wheaton High S