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Beyond Chips: Entertaining With Flea Market Finds Part One

Tired of preparing the same old chips and dips for your parties? Do you want to wow your guests with unique and creative recipes? Try these delicious snacks that were assembled with ingredients purchased at Wolff's Flea Market . Food is displayed on a tiled cabinet/bench that was " upcycled " from a maple kitchen cabinet found at Wolff's Indoor Flea Market, Palatine. What can you do with these thrifty purchases? Incorporating suggestions from our facebook followers, we share with you a menu sure to impress anyone! Read on and scroll down to see the final spread! ANTI PASTA PLATTER : Roasted red peppers, salami, store-bought herbed cheese. COMMENTS : Use white serving dishes (which are available at very cheap prices at Wolff's) to bring out the natural colors and textures of the food. Make mini sandwiches by placing roasted red pepper between a slice of salami & cheese. VEGGIE MEATBALLS : Prepare batter according to directions on box, but form into

What have you bought at flea markets?

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Donald Wolff: A Perfect Storm-The Flea Market

Donald Wolff's Perspective The first annual Small Business Saturday Event occurred the day after Black Friday in November 2010. Nationwide, awareness of small businesses was brought to the forefront and consumers were encouraged to shop at local, neighborhood shops.  Here are three interesting facts about small businesses:  F irst, f or every $100 spent a t a small business, $68 returns to the local economy. O ver the last decade, 60% to 80% of new jobs were generated by small businesses.   Third, s mall businesses employ half of all private sector employee s .  Now take a step back and look a Flea Market.  It is the ultimate small business.  It is where anybody can start his or her own business – true entrepreneurship.   For centuries worldwide,  flea markets and other forms of outdoor markets have been and continue to be  commonplace and the main av enue of doing business.  Wolff’s takes great pride in being able to offer an opportunity for anyone to start