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Sharon Wolff Some finds are a little scary People often ask me, "What do they sell at your flea market?" Of course, the appropriate answer is a list of whichever 10 categories of merchandise I can conjure up at the moment. However, when am feeling philosophical, I answer "Everything that has ever been manufactured, sold, old, new, discarded, dusty, crafted, resold, re-made, found, tossed, lost, one of a kind, mysterious, mass produced, broken, repaired, rusty, shiny, valuable, junky, funky, created, overstocked, overlooked, discounted, abandoned, liked, disliked and anything else that defies logic." Each week, laden with clipboard, reading glasses, walkie talkie, cell phone and two cameras, I navigate the markets. If I am at Rosemont, I also carry a 10 pound backpack, sunscreen and water bottle. Often, I drop something. Thank you to everyone who helps me retrieve my papers before they fly away. Where would you put this? Who made it and where has it been?


The new year begets resolutions. Maybe you are thinking about finally tackling your "junk drawer".  Don't have a junk drawer? Surely you have at least one (dark) area in your home wherein resides those pesky bits and pieces that you don't think you should throw away. Yet, deep inside, you know they will never serve you in their original purpose. Don't despair! We will help you repurpose your junque into a Recycled Art Collage. It's easy, just dig in to your pile and find a couple of grateful bits and pieces that are ready to embark upon a new purpose in life. Please read the guidelines below. In a mere 4 minutes, we found these items:  Ooh! The possibilities! Click here to see our Pinterest Board that shows examples of Recycled Collages PART 1-THE DESIGN Kids and adults, present drawings for suggestions of the collage outline. Use your own paper or pick up a form at the Palatine information table. Customers and vendors will vote on the th

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What inspires you? Sharon's favorite magazines for  inspirational decorating with flea market finds