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It's a box! I think? Wait. What is this?

By Guest Blogger Candice lee Conner Last week, my friend sent me this photo of a very interesting box that had bellows on the side, asking me what in the world this thing was. Surely it's some type of accordion, I thought. But where are the keys to play the music? And why are there a bunch of circles? I consulted the most knowledgeable data base I have in my arsenal - my musical Facebook friends with You Tube as confirmation.  This, my friends, is  Shruti box . The Shruti box's creation was based off the  Harmonium , a keyboard instrument in which the sound is produced through reeds and bellows. The more humble shruti box is keyless and was invented so that one could create a perfect droning sound. Pitch controls are on the top or on side. Today shrutiboxes, or shruti petti, are electronic and have recently been making a come back throughout the world. There's even  an app for that !  If you are looking for that unusual gift for a musician friend, the