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Wolff's Flea Market Bans Sales of Eclipse Glasses

Today we sent a special edition email. Subject: Banned at Wolff's - Eclipse Glasses Everyone is excited about the upcoming eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017. However we extend this warning to our clientele: Beware of counterfeit eclipse viewing glasses! •Due to recent news regarding this issue, Wolff's Flea Market is BANNING ALL SALES OF SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING GLASSES. Counterfeit glasses can cause eye damage. It is unspeakable to think that counterfeiters would sell something dangerous in order to make a few measly dollars. Vendors and customers do not be tempted to purchase even if someone claims them to be "certified or real." You do this at your own health risk. We are not authorized to determine authenticity and will be making our best effort this weekend to educate and remove from market. If you see someone with these glasses please note space number and call or text 847-524-9590. Remember that counterfeits are illegal and dangerous counterfeits are