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Historically, flea markets offer antiques, buried treasure, unique items and discounted new and resale merchandise.  An unfortunate reality: Illegal counterfeit merchandise is manufactured and obtained through an infinite number of worldwide sources and trickles down, not only to flea markets but also to wholesalers, websites, importers, corner stores and even retail stores on occasion.  Every day, somewhere in the world, including the United States, a bust/seizure/arrest occurs regarding counterfeits. Individuals, independently owned stores, mall kiosks, websites, wholesalers, warehouses, importers, manufacturers and ports of entry all play a role in the counterfeit pipeline.  Subscribe to google alerts for the term "Counterfeits" and you will be amazed at the volume of daily updates you will receive.  Unsure about your product? Please call us at 847-524-9590. While we are not experts, conduct ongoing research in the attempt to keep up with current produc