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Flea Market Find: The Ice Saw

We usually don't know what happens to the unique and amazing collectibles purchased at Wolff's Flea Market. But, thanks to customer Joe V., we have the full picture of the special home of The Ice Saw . "My thanks to Don at Wolff's Flea Market to help me purchase an Ice Saw for the Barrington History Museum . The Ice Saw will be added to future displays of farm tools and the early tool exhibit currently planned for 2018.  The saw will also be included in the ice harvesting exhibit loaned to the American Water Works Association museum exhibit at their WaterCon conference in Springfield, IL. The Barrington History Museum, a not-for-profit, is located at 212 & 218 W. Main in Barrington. It currently is open by request and will reopen with new exhibits on Saturday afternoons starting April 8th, 2017." Thanks, Joe V. Photos Betsy F