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The Haul of Shame

Sharon Wolff Don't get me wrong - I love a good bargain. Coupons, clearance racks, discount stores, flea market deals, garage sales and thrift shops are included in my shopping repertoire. Today I happened upon an unfamiliar thrift store that is part of the latest pop-up trend of new resale shops in the Chicago area. I will not mention the name of the establishment. The main point of this story is how easy it can be for anyone to have an experience similar to the one I am about to describe. Note that I was not fooled, but you could see how an inexperienced person may make a seemingly small mistake that could cause a big problem. Feeling that familiar pre-deal head rush, I decided to enter the store, "just to have a look". Right away I found a couple of interesting cookbooks in like-new condition to give away to a few runners up of the Hungry as a Wolff  Cookbook raffle this weekend. And then I saw IT . For a mere $1.99  IT could be mine!  A designer handbag . Wow!