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Service dogs are allowed at Wolff's Flea Markets and all public places.  We do not allow other pets or animals at the market. Please leave your pets at home and not in your vehicle as temperatures can reach dangerous extremes. From : "Many people with disabilities use a service animal in order to fully participate in everyday life. Dogs can be trained to perform many important tasks to assist people with disabilities, such as providing stability for a person who has difficulty walking, picking up items for a person who uses a wheelchair, preventing a child with autism from wandering away, or alerting a person who has hearing loss when someone is approaching from behind." SERVICE DOGS : By law service dogs are allowed in the market. If staff does not know if dog is a service animal, they are allowed to ask two questions. Person needs to answer both questions.  Is the dog a service animal required  because of a

Counterfeit Merchandise Identification: Embroidery

By Sharon Wolff Examples of embroidery that will assist any novice in determining if an item is real or fake. From "26 Flaws & Counting" National Flea Market Association Conference 2016.

Wolff's Flea Market 25th Anniversary 2016 #wolff25

                       #wolff25 CONTEST   Collecting 25 years of flea market memories  Share your memories!  We will combine your entries to create a special presentation Email to with the subject, “#wolff25” Attach photos if you have them and if you want them to go public  Or, print and bring this form to: Wolff's Flea Market 1775 N. Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074 You will also be entered to win 1 of 25 prizes! Drawing held November 2016  Examples: I met my true love at Wolff's Flea Market My child learned how to count to 7 at Wolff's Flea Market I bought my first pair of socks at Wolff's Flea Market MY AWESOME WOLFF'S FLEA MARKET MEMORY OR STORY: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ EMAIL_____________________________________