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5/20/14, updated 6/23/15 This article will be updated as our research continues COUNTERFEIT In order to understand our stance on parody clothing, you first need to understand our stance on counterfeit products. It is illegal to sell new or used counterfeit merchandise. All around the country and world, FBI, Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and local authorities seize illegal counterfeit merchandise at ports of entry, flea markets, wholesalers, websites, independently owned stores, mall kiosks, people's homes, street corners... Hefty fines, lawsuits and prison time ensue. Counterfeits are strictly prohibited at our market. We are not lawyers or trademark experts, but conduct ongoing research. What may have been acceptable last week, may be banned this week. While we wish our vendors the best of sales and success, every seller is vulnerable to making a few mistakes when seeking acceptable merchandise to offer at our flea markets. Savvy sellers regular


By Sharon Wolff Where does the good stuff go when nobody wants it anymore? For approximately 20 years, I have been searching for the perfect coffee table. David was a long-time critic of the coffee table concept. But not because he doesn't drink coffee. He felt that a coffee table would infringe upon our activities of daily living. He first tried to appeal to my devotion to our dog, Gracie, who when running around would bump into it. That was pretty lame because everyone knows that dogs and coffee tables have coexisted for decades, if not centuries. David's real reason for not wanting a coffee table was that it interfered with Jordan's ball playing. You see, a portion of our family room is devoted to The Ball Wall . This ordinary wall has been the recipient of the many, many loud and sudden thuds, bounces, catches, crashes, dashes and dives that led to the refined development of Jordan's "soft hands" for baseball. Remarkably (to my knowledge), only one