Monday, April 4, 2011

Everything you need to know about Wolff's, Part 2: SHOPPER TIPS

MAILING LIST - Keep informed of the latest news, get updates and even coupons. If you follow us on facebook and twitter, you will get timely updates, especially on days when the weather is questionable. Follow the links at the top of this blog page.
Arrive Early - By arriving early you can take advantage of the first offerings and larger selections available at garage sale, antiques / collectibles and new merchandise booths. Also, you will have more time to browse and compare prices and merchandise.
Wear the Right Clothes (Watch the Weather) - Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are a must when shopping the seemingly endless rows of bargains at Wolff's. You should also consider wearing a hat as protection from the sun and apply sunscreen. Light clothing on warm days and sweatshirts or windbreakers on cool days will also make your shopping experience more pleasant.
Bring Cash - Although some vendors who sell new merchandise may accept checks and credit cards, most sellers are "cash and carry". Small bills will be helpful paying for items as well as haggling. An ATM is available inside the Allstate Arena building and in Palatine.
Be Aware of Retail Prices - It will help you to recognize bargains at the flea market if you know your desired items cost in retail stores. Check ads or even phone stores before you come to Wolff's.
Have a Good Idea of What You Want But Be Open to Surprises - If you have limited time, know just what you are looking for. Chances are you'll find it! Even though you have something specific in mind, if you are alert, you may be surprised by an unexpected find!
Look at everything! - Vendors often carry many different types of items at their booths. Look above and below tables. Look in boxes and behind booths. Try not to skip a booth because you notice a couple of types of items that you may not be interested in. This especially applies to our indoor market, where spaces are smaller and merchandise may be covered or hidden. It's called "treasure hunting" at its best!
Rummage - When shopping for garage sale items or even new merchandise, make sure you look behind and under what is displayed. You may find hidden treasures!
Plan Ahead if Buying a Large Item - Think about how you're going to get larger items home. Most Wolff's sellers don't deliver, although some may have a warehouse where you can pick your purchase up at a later time. Bring a tape measure to help you figure out if your purchase fits into your vehicle or the space where you plan to place it in your home.
When to Haggle and When to Not - Most garage sale vendors will probably come down a little in their price. Sellers of new merchandise may stick with the posted price. When in doubt, ask anyway-there's no harm done. Vendors are people too; please don’t be rude, as politeness will help you negotiate. Sometimes buying in volume allows for a discounted price.
Check Electrical Items Before Leaving - Electrical outlets are located near the Food Area at the SW corner of the Arena. You can test your electrical item(s) to see if they are in proper working order.
Refunds - When buying new merchandise, make sure the vendor will give you a replacement or a refund if it's defective. If you have trouble returning or exchanging an item contact a Wolff’s Supervisor. Most garage sale, antique, and collectible merchandise is usually sold "as is".
Finding Your Way Around - Make sure to walk the entire Market. You will find new merchandise, garage sale items, antiques and collectibles down each and every aisle. And remember, if you walk by every booth (both sides of the aisle), you have walked over three miles on some days! In Palatine, go up and down each aisle, and check out the upstairs vendors, too.
If You Love It - Buy it before it’s gone! But remember, most purchases are final. Be a “Nice Shopper” If someone is looking at something you are interested in, please wait off to the side until it is put down. Then go and look at it.
Pets - Sorry, due to local regulations, pets are not allowed at either of our markets. Certified service animals are welcome.
     Other - Food and Beverages are available at the Southwest corner of the Arena. Restrooms are located inside the Arena.

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