Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Pounds of Potatoes & Recipes

I have 52 pounds of potatoes in my home. Put another way, I have over 100 spuds (not studs) in my house. Why? It's  long story.

It all began when I purchased an ordinary 10 pound bag of Russet potatoes on sale at Jewel for $1.99. Independently, dear husband realized he had a taste for the yellow version of these tasty tubers, and brought home a 10 pound bag of Yukon Gold Potatoes before I even peeled the first Russet.  That same evening, I starting humming the old Harry Chapin song, 30 Thousand Pounds of Bananas. Please stay with me as we will soon tabulate some serious potato poundage.

The following day, my 92 year-old mom asked me to buy her a "few" baking potatoes at the Marketplace on Oakton. Well, the "fruit store" as she calls it, offered 5 and 10 pound bags for the same low price! Such a deal! What would you do? What would Harry Chapin (may he rest in peace) do? So, instead of 3 potatoes, I bought in on a $1.49 - 10 pound bag. After all, if stored properly, potatoes last many months, don't they? I stuck the bag in the closet where she stores her potatoes and onions. Later that evening, I received a call that went something like this, "What the X am I going to do with all those potatoes? All I asked for were 3 potatoes. You'll have to take them home with you next time you come over!" I don't really like to argue with Mom, and really, isn't every 93 year old woman always right? The following Monday, I dutifully visited her home and she reminded me to take the potatoes. So I grabbed a few and stuck them in my bag. By now, I was beginning to wonder what I would do with all these potatoes...  My brother arrived, another potato fan, and I was hopeful that he'd snag some for his own. But, he declined, stating that he would be taking the CTA bus home the next morning and really didn't feel like carrying potatoes with him. At least I tried. The evening went nicely, we had a small, but  pleasant dinner. When it was time to leave, I picked up my bag, and noticed its heavy bulk. Somehow, my mom had unobtrusively carried the last of the 10 pounds of potatoes (minus the 3 individual tubers she kept for herself) and hefted them into my bag!  So, I went home with 7 more pounds of potatoes. If you are counting, we are now at 27 pounds of potatoes.

Dayeinu! It would have been sufficient, had not the potato farmers come to Wolff's Flea Market in Rosemont last Sunday. Sure, it was cool seeing people walking out with 25  or 50 pound bags of potatoes. But I did not expect dear husband to purchase any!  I guess you can't ever have too many potatoes... He brought home his own 25 pound bag, as he should have, to support local farmers and flea market vendors. And that is why I have 52 pounds of potatoes in my house. That's over 100 spuds (not studs).
Please enjoy my potato menu and recipes

Monday: Baked potatoes (4 potatoes used), salmon
Tuesday: Cream of Potato Wild Rice Soup (10 potatoes used) and Chicken Burgers
Wednesday: Twice Baked Potatoes (4 potatoes used) and Turkey Breast
Thursday:  Leftover potato soup and turkey (0 potatoes used)
Friday: Chicken pot pie (4 potatoes used)
Total Potatoes Used: 22 out of 100+

Cream of Potato Wild Rice Soup-Crock Pot
Wash, peel and cube 10 potatoes
Place in slow cooker and cover with water
Add parsley, salt (optional), 1T  bouillon (chicken or vegetable)
Cook all day until potatoes are soft
Place 2 cups cubed potatoes in large stock pot and set aside
Put rest in bowl and blend with electric mixer until creamy
Add to stock pot
Add 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Add milk to reach desired consistency
Add cooked wild rice
Stir until blended

Twice Baked Potatoes
Bake however many potatoes as people you will be serving.
Cut in half, scoop out insides and put in bowl. Set skins aside.
Add to taste: cheddar cheese, lo-fat cream cheese,  pepper, onion powder, chives, garlic powder
Blend with mixer and add a little milk if it is too thick
Spoon back into potato skins and bake until slightly browned

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