Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Build a Recycled Pallet Shelf

Sharon Wolff

Two pallets were used for this project. I used the existing frame of a smaller HT (heat treated) pallet and added extra slats from a larger HT pallet for two extra shelves and the backing.

Pallet measures approximately 21.5" x 31.5"
 I removed a center slat from the front to open up the
shelf and attached to the back.

Slats removed from a larger HT pallet. Use a mallet to gently loosen boards,
and a hammer to pry out the twisty screws. It's not that hard to remove the slats,
just be patient and they will eventually loosen.

Cut slats to size for shelves and back. I used a hacksaw. A Sawzall is definitely on my birthday list.

Rough design before assembly. I added two shelves.
The lower one is permanently screwed in and the upper one (on an angle) is removable.

After sanding out the slivers and spots.
I used my Mouse electric sander with 60 grit paper.

Close-up of permanent shelf with support block

This idea evolved. I had a nice piece of wood that was too short to reach across to be used as a
permanent shelf.  Decided to make it removable to display taller items if needed.
Photo is a close-up of the shelf  resting on support screws in the front and back of frame.  

Front-after sanding and assembly.
Added slats to the bottom shelf and on top to cover the
cut out pallet handles that were part of the frame.

Back-before sanding

After sanding and one coat of  stain. Decided not to varnish.
Flea market insulators have a new home

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