Friday, February 22, 2013


By Sharon Wolff

I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies and have been observing his head for two years. Mr. Eastwood resided high upon a shelf in Stan's booth at Wolff's Flea Market, Palatine. He appeared to be a creation by an unknown sculptor that I believe captured his calm and self-confident persona. Just kind of hanging around, perhaps a little dusty as funky like other funky flea market treasures. Just waiting for the right buyer, any buyer. Passers by may or may not have noticed him. But I saw him. In fact he inspired me to create the SIMPLY HEADS facebook photo collection. Every time I passed him, I thought, "Yup, that's Clint, he still there, his fixed stern gaze perhaps guarding Stan's antiques and collectibles booth. No one would mess with Clint Eastwood.

So, imagine my wonder when I saw one of our more colorful shoppers, Mark casually carrying Clint off into the sunset. Well, not really the sunset, just up and down the Palatine aisles and into my field of vision.  I had to get the scoop on this sudden turn of events. It turns out that the buyer liked it, his friend did not. I think Clint will end up at a store in Indiana, hopefully to be adopted by a decorator or lover of the unique. I hope to continue to follow up on Mr. Eastwood final destination.

Oh Clint, how far did you travel to arrive at Wolff's? Who made you? Stan, where did Clint come from? Stan's answer: Some thrift shop in Joliet.

See Clint Eastwood's Wolff's Flea Market debut here: SIMPLY HEADS

Stoic and watchful - Clint Eastwood

Bye Bye Clint Eastwood!

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