Monday, February 11, 2013

National Flea Market Association Conference

Wolff's 2013 NFMA Conference Crew

Wolff's Flea Market is a member of the National Flea Market Association (NFMA). This organization "exists to serve the public interest and to benefit the flea market industry by fostering high standards of business conduct which merits public trust". (

Trademark Panel Discussion
This annual conference is open to the owners, managers and staff of flea markets across America. The conference includes two days of educational sessions led by professionals and market representatives. We were all able to glean information useful
to our businesses regarding social media, 
customer relations, advertising, networking and more. It is a wonderful venue for us to share expertise and experiences. We can always learn from each other!

Flea market lovers can also follow the NFMA facebook fan page HERE

This year, Sharon Wolff was invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding Trademark and Counterfeit issues. Says Sharon, "I was honored to sit on this panel with two other knowledgeable flea market representatives and an attorney versed in Trademark Law. My passion is to educate our vendors regarding counterfeit merchandise and prevent these items from cycling their way into our market. This is an ongoing process of research and education because products and parameters are always evolving."

NFMA Participants Examine Items in The Haul of Shame

Part of Sharon's presentation included selections from the "Haul of Shame". 14  items were set out on a table with labels describing why they were considered counterfeit. "This was an excellent way for people to get a hands-on view of counterfeit products and to spot some common parameters.  Meaningful questions and conversations ensued."

So, until next year-Grab a friend and visit your local flea market! See you at the flea!

Sharon Wolff
Creative Director & Merchandise Consultant at Wolff's Flea Market 
Sharon Wolff of Wolff's Flea Market in Illinois is the Creative Director as well as the Merchandise Consultant for this highly successful flea market.  When Sharon isn't busy handling the day-to-day creative activities of writing newsletters and blogs, taking pictures and creating viral videos or handling social media, she is implementing policies and training staff on identifying counterfeit merchandise.  Whether she is researching counterfeit cases, studying brand websites or reading books on copyright and trademark law, Sharon remains on top of this ever-changing environment. Sharon works diligently to ensure that her business complies with local and federal legal requirements. 

We are honored to have Sharon Wolff join the Trademark/Intellectual Property Law panel to share with other Flea Market owners the best practices for tackling the complexity of Trademark Law, and how owners can implement these practices on their own properties.

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