Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sharon Wolff
Wolff's Flea Market
Creative Media and Merchandise Consultant
Copyright 2014
May be used with permission and credit to this source

In our ongoing quest to educate staff, vendors and customers, we keep presenting these informative photo collages. We just can't help it.

Over the years, we have created enough collages to fill a book that includes information on many vulnerable brands and products. We show it off at the market as we make our rounds. This method of education proves to be very useful for all learning styles and abilities.

Below are a few quick ways to distinguish between real and fake Hello Kitty products. Images and names used for purposes of education and discussion. Trademarks belong to the individual licensees. Information and conclusions presented here are based on our own experiences. We are not lawyers or trademark experts and research is ongoing.

Counterfeit merchandise is not allowed at Wolff's Flea Market. However, these types of products are unfortunately and perhaps tragically readily available through brick and mortar and online wholesalers. Resellers must remain aware of this never-ending worldwide issue. We hate it when our hardworking vendors lose money and potential income when they are scammed into purchasing inferior and illegal products from unscrupulous sources.

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