Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This old, tired "curbside" butcher block ended up at the flea market. A little TLC transformed it into this serving cart.
  1. First I removed the yucky loose and useless shelf 
  2. A good sanding removed most of the dark stain, but I left some to show through the final finish
  3. Bottom half of cart was painted with 2 coats of dilutes Barn Red paint. Dark blue, forest green and creamy beige were also blotted on and then wiped off to add a slight weathered look.
  4. Top and painted areas were covered in 2 coats of Varathane Golden Oak semi-gloss Stain & Poly (water based).
  5. Hardware: shut off valve knob (front left), bottle opener (front right), craft fair stone hook (side right), 4 caster wheels.
  6. Shelf: I added a sanded plank of recycled cedar fencing as a removable bottom shelf
  7. Accessories: Handmade wine caddy on top and wineglass box on bottom shelf are made from recycled fencing and pallets by me (Impatient Pallets)

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