Monday, May 9, 2016


Sharon Wolff

So what really happens when you cast off your unwanted stuff? Shame shame if you don't find a home for potentially reusable items. Do you sell, donate or toss in the garbage?

Fortunately for a few lucky landfill-fated items, crafty pickers are continually scouting for this Golden Garbage. Here is one story of a rescued curbside find.

David of Home Details at Wolff's Flea Market is an eclectic vendor who embraces this concept like it is a daily natural phenomenon. His eye for potential in found objects lends to an eclectic, eccentric and dynamic booth display. We never know what will appear or be uncovered. I am telling you the truth when I state that his presentation alone elevates former trash into flea market finds bound for decorating greatness. This key element is what attracts a flock of repeat customers seeking to decorate their homes with specifically repurposed and reclaimed finds. All one of a kind and sometimes modified or repaired by David himself.

So the story goes like this.

David comes up to the front desk, hands covered in blue paint and tells me to hurry to his space because he is "Repurposing Live". Phone in hand, I briskly walked to his booth, and this is what I found:

A young couple visiting Wolff's Flea Market Palatine for the first time fell in love with this reclaimed wood map art. However they did not like the orange graffiti that may or may not have been intentionally put there. David told them how they could easily touch it up at home, but the couple wasn't so sure. The couple asked if they paid extra, would he do it for them? David, always up for a creative challenge was right on it!

Reclaimed wood artwork with orange graffiti
PHOTO: Home Details at Wolff's

David touched up the picture with white and blue paint to transform the art into exactly what the couple wanted for their blue and white living room!
He knows what he is doing!

Hand Details!


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