Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 10 Flea Market Wish List

After collecting data on customers' previous flea market purchases, we also share with you their  "Top 10 Wish List" of items they hope to purchase in the future.

Top 10 Wish List Categories:
1.  "Who knows? Whatever strikes my fancy"
2.  Antiques/ collectibles
3.  Clothing
4.  Food
5.  Electronics/computers
6.  Kitchen/household
6.  Furniture
7.  Art
7.  Books
7.  Home decor
7.  Personal care
8.  Hobby/crafts
9.  Jewelry
10. Tools

Other Comments:
Christmas Story Leg Lamp
Box lots
Elvis memorabilia
"Who knows? Everything!"
"It is just fun to go to the flea market. You never know what you will be surprised with!"
"I never know- I just love to shop and find something I like."
"Things that are a good deal that I would be buying anyway and deals that catch my eye."
"More private family garage sale/estate sale items"

Survey Monkey Results: What Do You Buy At Flea Markets?

Survey Monkey Results: What do you buy at flea markets?

1. How often have you shopped at a flea market in the past year?
0 times                      2.6%
1-3 times                   9.2%
4-6 times                 15.8%
7 or more times     72.4%

2.  How far do you travel to the flea market you visit most regularly?
Under 15 minutes            15.8%
15 to 30 minutes             48.7%
30 minutes to 1 hour        27.6%
Over 1 hour                       7.9%

3. How many flea markets do you regularly attend?
0                2.6%
1              40.8%
2              32.9%
3              10.5%
4                7.9%
More          5.3%

4.  Which of the following items have you purchased at a flea market? Check all that apply.
Antiques/ collectibles       71.6%
Resale items                     67.6%
New items                       83.8%

5. Which new items have you purchased at a flea market? Check all that apply.
Clothing/accessories       63.2%
Crafts                              30.3%
Jewelry                           44.7%
Grocery/food                 65.8%
Movies                            31.6%
Toys                                28.9%
Tools                               34.2%
None of the above           11.8% 

6.  Which secondhand items have you purchased at a flea market? Check all that apply.
Furniture                    36.8%
Home decor              69.7%
Kitchen items             59.2%
Clothing                     46.1%
Books                         60.5%
Art                              22.4%
Tools                          36.8%
Video Games             22.4%
None of the above        1.3%

7.  What items have you specifically purchased at a flea market? Please list items.
Please see the "Top 10 List" for results.

8.  Which items would you hope to purchase in the future at a flea market?
Please see the "Top 10 Wish List" for results.

9. Why do you shop at flea markets?
To save money             23.7%
Fun                               23.7%
Interesting items          23.7%
I am a collector              13.2%
It's something to do          7.9%
Other (please specify)      7.9%

10.  Which do you prefer?
No preference                                                                              26.3%
Items with price tags                                                                 71.1%
Items without price tags that require you to ask the price              2.6%

Wolff's Flea Market Top 10 Finds of 2010

10 FINDS 2010

Based on around 400 customer entries collected during January 2011 via written ballots, email, facebook & Survey Monkey.  Results are not scientific and are representative of the customers who participated in this event.

Some categories are tied because they were too close to call. Merchandise within categories may be new or used.

3.    FOOD
5.    TOYS
6.    DVDs/CDs 
7.    ART
9.    TOOLS


*  Bamboo
*  Two-headed turtle skeleton
*  Wife
*  Friends (multiple entries)
*  Adorable Dog Coat
*  Album Bowl
*  Hair Tinsel
*  "St. Joseph statue to sell my home- it worked!"
*  "Meat press, I've been looking for years!"
*  WWII Items
* “Found my mother’s glassware to complete my set.” 
*  Jamaican walking stick
*  “Bought a clock for $1000 that I sold for $6000”
*  “An Oriental silk block print. Paid $4.50 & found it’s worth $300!”
*  Crazy hats
*  Stuffed animals
*  “ I found a Carson Pirie Scott North Room Camel Hair coat for $5!! Love it!”
*  Handmade purses
* “I work in a retirement home and found earrings for all the women. Thanks.”
* “ Amazing floral oil paintings from Bossman!! Plus, his wife is so sweet!”
*  “Classic Metallica framed portrait! Rock on! $1”
* “ Incredible old shell frame. Wonderful metal flowers”

These comments sum it up:

v    “ I found friends at Wolff’s Flea Market. There is nothing better in this world than having friends. So, I would say the thing I found at Wolff’s Flea Market is friends.” Sam

     “ Great prices”
     “Many good deals in a fun place”
    “Friendly vendors”

It looks like every merchandise category is covered and that customers are looking for it all!
Keep up the good work!