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More Than Chips: Entertaining With Flea Market Finds: Part 2

MY UPCYCLED BEVERAGE CART Fully stocked cart When I saw this kitchen cart upstairs in Palatine, I think it actually communicated with me. I felt some power of attraction and knew I must have it. It seemed lonely and out of place, never really having a true purpose in its previous life. I found out it had sat for years in a storage unit, left to fend for itself, receiving minor dings after it was purchased and deserted. A rescue mission by me seemed to be in order. After paying for it, I realized that this behemoth was definitely something to be reckoned with. It was solid wood and HEAVY! Luckily, it had wheels. I haphazardly rolled it onto the elevator (or did it roll me?) and placed it behind the front desk. As I walked through the flea market, I received many approving nods from customers and vendors, because after all, although not an antique, this was a quality piece of furniture that just looked important. I think our vendors were happy to see me purchase such a large ite

Decorating With Flea Market Finds: Stocking the Kitchen

The challenge last Saturday at Wolff's Flea Market in Palatine was the result of an idea that popped into my mind about 5 minutes before I announced it on the loud speaker. I am currently developing a long-term theme, " Decorating With Flea Market Finds ", that will run through the end of the summer. As I thought about how to apply and share this idea with our thousands of followers, inspiration hit me. I remembered a conversation I had at the National Flea Market Conference with Anthony Pretto of Kobey's Swap Meet, San Diego.  He had created a "how-to" video for cheaply furnishing an apartment. I thought, "YES, we can do that at Wolff's!" It is so exciting to hear about new ideas that my subconscious immediately began to ruminate. Hence, Saturday's theme emerged. Usually, when I create what I call a "facebook photo theme",  I invite members of Wolff's Flea Market Facebook Group and announce it over the speaker at Palatine s