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Saving Stickman From Counterfeit Products

SAVING STICKMAN Born: 9:23am 7/8/2013  Passed: 9:25am 7/8/2013   Stickman Jones recently met his demise in an experiment gone wrong. Investigators are currently looking into possible deceitful behavior by overseas counterfeiters or simple human error by Wolff's Research Zone Team members. Involved in the incident were one lab gorilla named Charlie, a standby fireman named Tom and a doctor named Jerry. On Monday, July 8, 2013 at 9:24am CST, Stickman Jones was drawn, placed inside a suspected counterfeit LifeProof iPhone case and pushed off a cutting board platform into approximately 3" of lukewarm water. All signs pointed to the fact that Mr. Jones did not know how to swim. First of all, he was made of paper and drawn with water soluble marker. Plus, according to witnesses, just before the push-off, Jones was heard saying, " I can't swim! Hope this case is waterproof! " This statement was either ignored or misunderstood by Lab Gorilla Charlie, w