Monday, March 13, 2017


By Sharon Wolff

Over the last year, regular exercise has been a very important aspect of my journey into Health and Fitness.

From first-hand experience, when I like my outfit, I feel positively motivated to get out and move. Because honestly, sometimes momentum can be a little challenging. 

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Given the technology of performance fabrics, "designer" workout clothing can be pretty pricey. Personally, I don't see the point in paying $40 or more for just the leggings alone. 

Because don't we all know that exercise = sweat? Perhaps this new tech fabric moves the sweat away from your skin and into its magic mesh. But to me - ahem - sweat is sweat - and it is only temporary. I would rather go for quantity and variety in my workout clothing. Then go home and take a shower.

I bought this brand new 2-piece heather design outfit upstairs in Palatine and give it 5 stars in all of my personal categories.

COMFORT:  soft and stretchy
WASHABILITY: wash cold and hang to dry
PRICE: under $20
VERSATILITY: Wear top or bottom as part of your layered fashion look
SIZE; 1 size fits all

Plus, I bought post work out high-protein snacks from our food vendor downstairs.

So, ladies, if you work out, couldn't you use a few extra really cute outfits?

Support small business and get in shape, too! 
Several vendors at Wolff's Flea Market Palatine sell an array of soft, stretchy, comfortable and AFFORDABLE sets.