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Wolff's Flea Market: We are All of Us

NICE & NEUTRAL   WE ARE WOLFF’S FLEA MARKET WE ARE ALL OF US GOAL: COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE These thoughts are not unique. We are spinning them as they relate to our family business. 2024 is full of controversy People own strong and sometimes polarizing personal viewpoints. Conversations sometimes lead to a arguments and negative scenarios amongst those with differences. Please remember:   Wolff’s Flea Market is a family place. We strive to present ourselves as a haven of happy, eclectic diversity. We provide you with a few hours away from the rest of the world on a nice sunny Sunday to experience fresh air, camaraderie, bargains and success.   We are a place for peace, neutrality and unity.   We continue to remind you that disparaging speech, merchandise, brochures, signs, etc. are not tolerated. Please reserve such merchandise, concepts, opinions and arguments for your personal lives and time outside of the market. There are plenty of amazing products to offer and kind words to sha