Wednesday, April 8, 2015


One of the cheapest ways to make a counterfeit purse is to simply take a no-name "blank" purse and add a designer sticker or metal emblem.

So obvious, so fake, so illegal.

We don't allow counterfeit purses of any level at Wolff's Flea Market, and this educational post should not be construed as instructions on how to make a counterfeit purse. Don't do it.

Images and links shown for purposes of discussion and education.

People are arrested and imprisoned for this crime!

This happened at flea markets and supports our policy of not allowing certain brands of merchandise at our markets

Below are a couple of examples.  If you see an alleged designer purse boasting an emblem, just pick on the label to see if it is a pull-off sticker or a loosely secured metal emblem.

Then. Walk. Away.

Or, if you are me, pull the fake tag off and add it to your sick collection.

Close-up of counterfeit PRADA clip-on emblem

The blank purse is sort of cute. Ridiculously ruined by a fake GUCCI clip-on emblem

Forgot to polish my nails

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