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Hanging around the Palatine market last Saturday, I was attracted to a set of old orange wooden cabinets. They were no beauties, but I was intrigued by their obviously secret past, of which they weren't talking. Roughly made, a little rickety, the cabinets may have graced a fishing cabin's rustic walls, or held preserves in an country cellar. Wherever they came from, they now calmly resided near the Sock Hop Cafe; affixed with $35 price tags. They seemed to convey the potential to belong on a screened-in porch attached to 100 year old frame home.  Remarkably, I instantly pictured connecting the cabinets side by side, affixing a piece of plywood across the top and then finishing them off with a pattern of terra cotta and cobalt blue tile. This side board would be home to a lucky bamboo plant, a tall glass of iced tea and a tray of Katherine Wolff's homemade mandelbread. The shelves would house citronella candles, a few good books and...wait a minute... I don't have a scr