Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 10 Flea Market Wish List

After collecting data on customers' previous flea market purchases, we also share with you their  "Top 10 Wish List" of items they hope to purchase in the future.

Top 10 Wish List Categories:
1.  "Who knows? Whatever strikes my fancy"
2.  Antiques/ collectibles
3.  Clothing
4.  Food
5.  Electronics/computers
6.  Kitchen/household
6.  Furniture
7.  Art
7.  Books
7.  Home decor
7.  Personal care
8.  Hobby/crafts
9.  Jewelry
10. Tools

Other Comments:
Christmas Story Leg Lamp
Box lots
Elvis memorabilia
"Who knows? Everything!"
"It is just fun to go to the flea market. You never know what you will be surprised with!"
"I never know- I just love to shop and find something I like."
"Things that are a good deal that I would be buying anyway and deals that catch my eye."
"More private family garage sale/estate sale items"

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