Friday, August 24, 2012


Sharon Wolff

In order to create an inverted tire planter, it is necessary to obtain a soft, pliable tire. Found these two old cart tires at the flea market last week for $6 and couldn't wait to get to work.

STEP 1:   2 worn, soft tires. About 14" diameter
STEP 2:  Outline the petals with chalk or contrasting marker

STEP 3: Use a utility knife or box cutter and follow along the outlines.
This tire was so soft, it took only 10 minutes to do the cutting.

STEP 4: Turn tire inside out. Not too hard, since tire was soft and pliable.

When inverted, the rim becomes a pedestal!

STEP 5: Spray paint top portion. Be sure to paint inside the
petals as they will be visible. Priming is not necessary and you can
use any type of outdoor spray paint.

STEP 6: Spray paint bottom portion and rim

The center of the rim has a hole for built-in drainage. I recommend lining tire with garden cloth.
Can't wait to fill it!

*Please note that tire planters are for decorative use only and you should not be used for vegetables, herbs, fruits or any edible plant because of chemicals in the rubber and paint.

Tire planter posing with a recycled pallet bench. More about the bench soon!

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