Thursday, September 1, 2011

Newsletter 9/1/2011

September 1, 2011  
Rosemont: Sunday 9/4 6am-1:30pm (Closed Monday, Labor Day)
Palatine: Every Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm

Wolff's Flea Market has joined Facebook!

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North Suburban Carver's Show

LifeSource Blood Drive

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Dear Penny,
I subscribe to your emails & really enjoy reading them, but am just not into facebook. What's all the fuss about "liking" or "following" everyone? Why should I? Won't everyone be spying on me? What's in it for me?
Maya Statiss

Dear Maya,
True, the blue facebook icon is everywhere. But did you know that 750 million people & businesses use facebook worldwide?

Facebook began as a social platform for friends & family to connect, and now businesses use it to promote their brand, offer special deals and communicate with their public.

Wolff's Flea Market utilizes many types of online social media (more about this in a future issue). Facebook is our fun, friendly, interactive and informative dialogue between vendors, customers and staff.

Sellers advertise their products for FREE on our page. In turn, customers looking for a specific item might ask who is selling it.

Last minute weather-related/schedule info has proven especially helpful to vendors and customers on rainy Rosemont Sundays. Look at our older facebook posts to see how efficiently we kept everyone informed on July 24! 

Facebook is also fun! We love to share! You'll find hundreds of interesting and unique photos in our albums. Followers can post their favorite flea market finds. But you can't do this if you don't join!

*Best of all...we occasionally offer FREE ADMISSION coupons exclusively for our facebook followers.

When you sign up for facebook, you will be given the option to keep your account private. If you become a Wolff's Flea Market follower, people will see only your name, comments to us and profile photo. That's all. If you have attended to your privacy settings, they will not be able to gain access to your phone number, favorite color, shoe size, personal photos, address, email, birthday, last night's dessert choice, what time you woke up, place of employment, etc. Read more HERE

So hop on board! Click on any of the Like us on Facebook buttons in this Newsletter to join or follow us! 

* Look on facebook next week for FREE admission coupons (Rosemont & Palatine) for the weekend of September 10 & 11.


NEXT issue: 
*Super-Couponing Highlights
*Former Legends of the Negro League 
*Social Media: Trip Advisor & Yelp
*Oodles of Onions & Recipes

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