Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Shout Out to Our Vendors

Just want to send a special shout out to the wonderful loyal vendors of Wolff's Flea Market!

To our Rosemont vendors: Thank you for bearing with our varied schedule as we start the 2012 outdoor season at the Allstate Arena. We have had a few early closings and you have been stellar in packing up and vacating the lot on time. Wish we had a time-lapse camera to see how a full lot progresses to an empty lot. Many of you have been loyal participants for up to 21 years! You schlepp your products back and forth every week, load and unload, and much of this happens before the crack of dawn! It's great to see your familiar faces return season after season! Have a great summer!

To our Palatine vendors: We get to have a different sort of relationship with you! Due to size and permanence, the indoor market breeds a special family-like, friendly, intimate atmosphere. Smaller than Rosemont, we are able to communicate each other on a personal basis.. We have the ability to make announcements for customers searching for certain items, and you are there right away with your offerings.

To all of our vendors: We recognize the hard work put into procuring and creating your merchandise displays. Many of you work all week at one or more other jobs, and then for an additional 1 or 2 more days on the weekends. When do you sleep? We respect your business entrepreneurial efforts and the variety of ever-changing items you offer. The face of the typical flea market vendor is diverse and ever-changing. Old-time hawkers, service providers, pickers, discounters, salvage dealers, ethnic merchandise sellers, crafters.

Beyond the known concepts of, "Recycle, Reuse, Resale, Re-buy, Repurpose, etc.", a flea market offers a very important service to its customers by matching them up with products they cannot find on their own. You help the public "Re-find" collectibles, bargains, home furnishings and more.

Of course, our market is supported by the thousands of loyal customers- regular and new- and a very strong and dedicated staff.

So, next time you visit us in Rosemont, pause for a moment, and look around for the familiar faces of vendors, customers and staff and think about how we are all intertwined in the beautiful system of the oldest shopping concept in history.

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